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Shenandoah in Top Five Retail Markets Statewide!

by Christina Schappacher

Shenandoah now ranks fourth in the top five retail markets in the state based on annual per capita retail sales of $109,517, according to the 2010 Texas Retail Survey. This important recognition further points to the city as a major commercial force in the region.

The Texas Retail Survey counted Shenandoah in the top five based on several critical factors. Sixteen unique market indexes help identify the best performing areas based on short term and long term growth. The survey is published annually and focuses entirely on the Texas retail market. It provides current retail sales data, performance rankings and analysis for each local retail market in the state, based on per capita retail sales in excess of $65,000. This survey has become a tool for business experts to identify certain areas that are desirable for development and expansion opportunities.

Shenandoah was the only suburban city in the Greater Houston area to rank in the top five out of 50 retail markets statewide. It was outranked by just three other cities of similar size and population density. Two were suburbs of Austin and one is a suburb of Fort Worth.

The city's continuing success is no accident, and it has been carefully mapped out by a staff that includes experienced urban planners and economic development professionals. Together with city officials, they created a comprehensive land use plan, an integrated development code, and signage and landscape ordinances that support the area's ongoing beautification efforts.

Shenandoah City Administrator Greg Smith credits the city's prime location across Interstate 45, along with the wide variety of strong retail, restaurants and hotels as contributing factors to their position in the top five retail markets in the state. “The high volume of traffic along I-45 benefits our retail stores, restaurants and hotels, most of which sit right along the frontage road,” said Smith. “We're seeing a steady increase in sales tax revenue so far this year from the influx of visitors to the area.”

The sports venues are also a huge draw and they bring thousands of people into the city throughout the year. “We're proud to rank so high on the list of the top performing retail areas in the state. We work hard to keep the city safe and attractive for our residents and visitors, and the end result is that they keep coming back and our businesses continue to perform ahead of expectations,” Smith commented.

Shenandoah continues to show strength as a retail market player in South Montgomery County and has helped lead the economic rebound from declining retail sales since 2008. Hotel chains and real estate developers have their sights set on Shenandoah for a number of new projects. The city's residential areas are booming as well, which adds to the strong, qualified labor force in the area. These indicators signal continued progress and a positive outlook for the City of Shenandoah.

Visit the City of Shenandoah online at Learn more about the 2010 Texas Retail Survey at Link to survey

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