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What resource is going to be the best for us during a storm to give us up to date information on the storm? Is there a website or radio station where this local information is broadcast?
The best recommendation would be to use a NOAA weather radio tuned to KZZ81 Lockport at a frequency of 162.550. The second option is to monitor your local radio stations. they are : WJOL -1340 AM WSSR- 96.7 FM WCCQ -98.3FM WRXQ -100.7 FM click here


What are city hall's hours of operation?
City Hall's Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday: 8-6:30 Friday: Closed

When are taxes due?
Property taxes are due July 7, 2010 Auditors office website

Action Line

How does the Action Line Request process work?
A ticket number is assigned to each new Service Request. Using this ticket number, the submitter can check back on the website at any time to view the current status of the request. Upon submission, Service Requests are automatically routed to the proper City staff for resolution.

How can I register?
To register click here.

What are the benefits of registering?
You can access your transaction history. For example, history of online payments using Demo City E-Gov Services or requests submitted via the Citizen Action Line.

You can choose to have contact information (such as an address & telephone number) saved with your membership thereby eliminating the requirement to "re-type" this information into online forms.

How would this work for us?
It would make it easier for people to find information on the site and for you to reply to questions.

Where can I get a variance application?
Please visit the Code Compliance Department.Admin Services Intro Page.doc

Community Events

What kind of events does the city have planned?
Click here to view the events planned.

How do I suggest something to add to the FAQ section?
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What time does the mall open?
It opens at 10 M-S and 12 on Sunday

Online Payments

What kind of payments can I make online?
Click here to view the online payment services available.

How do I get the tax forms?
You can find them on our website or come into the office. Here is the page for the tax forms

Village Office Services

How do I become a Village employee?
The Village of Saranac Lake job application is available at the Village Office, 3 Main Street, Saranac Lake on the 1st floor. Announcements for the Village of Saranac Lake civil service examinations are available on the web site. Printed copies are also posted at the Village Office.

How do I get a job there?
You can send us your resume. etc.

Does the City require dog/cat tags?
Yes, the City requires a tag for dogs and cats. The cost is $3.00 for the first animal and $1.50 for any other dog/cat. General information regarding the animal(s) is required as well as the Rabies number issued for the animal(s).

City Services

What are rates for Garbage Pickup?
Here are the rates: * First Year of the Contract - $13.21 per month ( 10% decrease from our current rate ) * Second Year of the Contract - $13.47 per month ( 8% decrease) * Third Year of the Contract - $13.88 per month ( 5% decrease)



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