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 Air Conditioning Maintenance
 Alarm Systems & Install
 All Terrain Vehicle
 Auctioneering Services
      Automobile Service Equipment
      Automobiles & Light Trucks
 Auto / Truck Parts
 Awnings, Fabric
 Backhoe-Loader/Industrial Wheel
 Bags, Air Bags for Lifting Vehicle
 Banking Services
 Banners, Flags & Hardware
 Beverage & Food Concession
      Concession Services / Lease
 Billboard Leasing
 BMW Cycle
 Boring Machines/Earth/Augers
 Brick Pavers
 Buildings - Temporary
 Bunker Clothes/Fire Department
      Vinyl Installation
      Wheels Refuse
 Cathodic Protection
 CDBG Funding
 Cemetery /Chapel /Tent /Drapes
      PRT & ACY
 Christmas Decorations / Lights
 Clay - Georgia Red Baseball
 Clean up, Recovery, ETC.
      Parking Lot
      Protect / Water / Sewar
 Commercial Laundry Equipment
      Mini / Server
      Network Equipment
      Portland / Mortar
      Transit Mix
      Airport Improvements
      Asbestos Removal
      Baseball Fields / Facility
      Bridge / FDOT Approve
      Concrete Tanks
      Demolition of Buildings
      Direct Bore
      Docks & Seawall
      Electrical / Light
      Fuel Tank / Removal / Installation
      Guinte / Epoxy / INJ
      Jack & Bore
      Line Taping
      Metal Building
      Metal Roofing
      Plumbing Work
      Roof / Flat / Shingled
      Roof / Polyurethane
      Roofing / Concrete
      Sewage Lift Station
      Shuffleboard Court
      Stadium / Sports Light
      Stadium Seating
      Stucco / Plaster
      Tank Cleaning / Painting
      Tennis Courts
      Utility-Water / Sewer
      Water Tanks / Elevated
      Well Drilling
      Airport Management
      Appraisal Services
      Audit Utility Bills
      Bond Issue
      Bridge Engineering
      Construction Services
      Employee Assistance
      Government / Lobbying
      Graphic Design
      Housing Rehabilitation
      Insurance / Risk
      Lake Pollutant
      Marketing/Communication Services
      Media Negotiations; Placement and Planning
      Pension Plan
      Public Relations
      Risk and Resilience Assessment (AWIA Risk and Resilience Assessment and Emergency Response Plan)
      Social Media
      Space Needs
      Strategic Planning
      Underground Utilities
      Video Production Services
      Website Redevelopment
 Curtain, Theater
 Custodial Services
 Draperies / Blind / Shades
 Drone Services
 DryCleaning & Laundry Services
 Electrical Supplies
 Excavators / Hydraulic
      Chain Link and Install
      PVC and Install
      Wood and Install
      Insecticide / Fungicide
      Aerial Platform/Ladder Track
      Fire Alarms
      Fire Extinguisher & Maintanence
      Fire Hydrants
      Fire Ladder Testing
      Fire Pass
      Fire Rescue Tools
      Fire Truck Refurbishing
      Fire Truck, Combination Pumper
      Fireworks Displays
      Gas Monitor
      S.C.B.A./Tank & ACCY.
 Firearms, ACCY.
 First Aid Supplies
 Fleet Decals Material & Installation
 Fleet Services
 Fork Lift Truck
 Fountains / Display
      Fuel Management System
      Fuel Pumps
      Gas & Diesel
 Gas Detection Devices
 Glass Installation
      Equipment & Supplies
      Golf Carts / Electric
      Golf Course Management
 Gym Floor Repair / Finish
 Hanger Renters
 Hoists / Truck
 Hose / Sewer Cleaning
 Hot & Cold Asphalt
      Group Medical
      Life & Disability
      Property / Casual
 Irrigation Systems Installation
 Janitorial Supplies
 Jewelry / Service Awards
 Kitchen Equipment
 Labs / Analyses / State Certified
 Lake Clearing & Cleaning
 Land Development
      Equipment / Weed Eater, ETC
      Garden Supplies
      Garden Supplies
      Golf Greens Equipment
      Lawn Mowers / Riders / Tractors
      Mowers / Riders up to 14-HP
      Mowers / Walk Behind
      Mowing / Trimming Services - Annual Contract
 Lease Commercial Airport Property
      Bar Coded Cards
 Lifts / Hydraulic / Electrical
 Light Poles & Lights - Sports Lighting
 Limestone/ Hi-Cal Lime
 Liner Repair, Pond
 Loaders/ Four-Wheel Drive
 Lubrication Products / Motor Oil
 Mailing Services
 Mausoleums / Management & Construction
 Medical Services / Exams, etc.
 Medical Supplies Pharmaceutic/RX, non-RX
 Metal Beams, etc.
 Meter Reader Services
 Miscellaneous Library Supplies
 Miscellaneous Police Department Equipment
 Monitoring Equipment & Supplies
 Motor Rewinding / Rebuild
 Motors Electric
 Moving Company
 MRO supplies (Maintenance Repair Operations Supplies)
 Office Furniture
 Office Supplies - Annual Contract
 Oyster Shell
 Paint / Coatings / Supplies
 Paving Machines / Rollers
 Pest Control Services
 Phone / COMM / Install
      Cleaning / Pigging
      Concrete, Reinforced
      Ductile Iron
      Galvanized Steel
      Liner / Re-Lining
      Stainless Steel
      Storm Drain-Corrig
 Playground Equipment
      Re-Lining / Membrane
      Repair / Re-Marcite
      Supplies, MISC.
 Pressure Cleaning
      Brochures / Color
      Cont. Form Utility Bills
      Continuous Form Checks
      Graphic Design/Posters/Print/Promotional
 Property Sales
      Fire / Engine
      Fire / Engine
      Pump & Motor Repairs
      Water / Sewer
 Real Estate Property Appriasers
      Containers / Equipment
      Recycling Services
      Collection Services
      Containers / Front End Load
      Containers / Hobos / Resident
 Rental Equipment - Annual Contract
 Safety Equipment
 Sale of Library Equipment
 Seats / Stadium
 Seed / Rye Grass, ETC.
 Sewer Cleaning Mach / Trk Mounted
 Sewer Video INSP / T.V.
 Shop Towels/Linen Services
      Computer System
      Granite / Monuments
      Traffic / Street
      Hauling & Application
      Management Systems
 Snow Making
 Sod / Argentine & Bahia, ETC.
 Sodium Hypochlorite
 Sound Systems / Installation
 Sporting Equipment
 Sports Consultant / Agent
 Sprinklers / Irrigation Supplies
 Stadium Clean-Up
 Stormwater Maintenance Service
 Street Sweepers
 Survey Equipment
 Surveyors / Registered Land
 Tarpaulins Baseball Fields
 Towing Services
 Tractors / Mowers / Disc / Harrow
      Light Poles - Install
      Signal Loop Install
      Traffic Signals - Cable
 Trailers / Utility
 Transcription Services
 Translation Services
 Trees / Plants / Landscape Shrub
 Trench Shield
      Bucket Truck
      Cab & Chassis Only
      Refuse / Front-End
      Refuse / Loader / Boom / Arm
      Refuse / Rear-End Loading
      Refuse / Side-Loading
      Truck with Dump Bed
      Truck with Mounted Tank
      T Shirts / Hats / Visors
 Utility Supplies / Various
      Pool Chemicals
 Water Tank Inspection Service
 Window Film/Installation


 Summer Positions

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