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 Air Conditioning Maintenance
 Alarm Systems & Install
 All Terrain Vehicle
 Auctioneering Services
      Automobile Service Equipment
      Automobiles & Light Trucks
 Auto / Truck Parts
 Awnings, Fabric
 Backhoe-Loader/Industrial Wheel
 Bags, Air Bags for Lifting Vehicle
 Banking Services
 Banners, Flags & Hardware
 Beverage & Food Concession
      Concession Services / Lease
 Billboard Leasing
 BMW Cycle
 Boring Machines/Earth/Augers
 Brick Pavers
 Buildings - Temporary
 Bunker Clothes/Fire Department
      Vinyl Installation
      Wheels Refuse
 Cathodic Protection
 CDBG Funding
 Cemetery /Chapel /Tent /Drapes
      PRT & ACY
 Christmas Decorations / Lights
 Clay - Georgia Red Baseball
 Clean up, Recovery, ETC.
      Parking Lot
      Protect / Water / Sewar
 Commercial Laundry Equipment
      Mini / Server
      Network Equipment
      Portland / Mortar
      Transit Mix
      Airport Improvements
      Asbestos Removal
      Baseball Fields / Facility
      Bridge / FDOT Approve
      Concrete Tanks
      Demolition of Buildings
      Direct Bore
      Docks & Seawall
      Electrical / Light
      Fuel Tank / Removal / Installation
      Guinte / Epoxy / INJ
      Jack & Bore
      Line Taping
      Metal Building
      Metal Roofing
      Plumbing Work
      Roof / Flat / Shingled
      Roof / Polyurethane
      Roofing / Concrete
      Sewage Lift Station
      Shuffleboard Court
      Stadium / Sports Light
      Stadium Seating
      Stucco / Plaster
      Tank Cleaning / Painting
      Tennis Courts
      Utility-Water / Sewer
      Water Tanks / Elevated
      Well Drilling
      Airport Management
      Audit Utility Bills
      Bond Issue
      Bridge Engineering
      Construction Services
      Employee Assistance
      Government / Lobbying
      Graphic Design
      Housing Rehabilitation
      Insurance / Risk
      Lake Pollutant
      Marketing/Communication Services
      Media Negotiations; Placement and Planning
      Pension Plan
      Public Relations
      Social Media
      Space Needs
      Strategic Planning
      Underground Utilities
      Video Production Services
      Website Redevelopment
 Curtain, Theater
 Custodial Services
 Draperies / Blind / Shades
 Drone Services
 DryCleaning & Laundry Services
 Electrical Supplies
 Excavators / Hydraulic
      Chain Link and Install
      PVC and Install
      Wood and Install
      Insecticide / Fungicide
      Aerial Platform/Ladder Track
      Fire Alarms
      Fire Extinguisher & Maintanence
      Fire Hydrants
      Fire Ladder Testing
      Fire Pass
      Fire Rescue Tools
      Fire Truck Refurbishing
      Fire Truck, Combination Pumper
      Fireworks Displays
      Gas Monitor
      S.C.B.A./Tank & ACCY.
 Firearms, ACCY.
 First Aid Supplies
 Fleet Decals Material & Installation
 Fleet Services
 Fork Lift Truck
 Fountains / Display
      Fuel Management System
      Fuel Pumps
      Gas & Diesel
 Gas Detection Devices
 Glass Installation
      Equipment & Supplies
      Golf Carts / Electric
      Golf Course Management
 Gym Floor Repair / Finish
 Hanger Renters
 Hoists / Truck
 Hose / Sewer Cleaning
 Hot & Cold Asphalt
      Group Medical
      Life & Disability
      Property / Casual
 Irrigation Systems Installation
 Janitorial Supplies
 Jewelry / Service Awards
 Kitchen Equipment
 Labs / Analyses / State Certified
 Lake Clearing & Cleaning
 Land Development
      Equipment / Weed Eater, ETC
      Garden Supplies
      Garden Supplies
      Golf Greens Equipment
      Lawn Mowers / Riders / Tractors
      Mowers / Riders up to 14-HP
      Mowers / Walk Behind
      Mowing / Trimming Services - Annual Contract
 Lease Commercial Airport Property
      Bar Coded Cards
 Lifts / Hydraulic / Electrical
 Light Poles & Lights - Sports Lighting
 Limestone/ Hi-Cal Lime
 Liner Repair, Pond
 Loaders/ Four-Wheel Drive
 Lubrication Products / Motor Oil
 Mailing Services
 Mausoleums / Management & Construction
 Medical Services / Exams, etc.
 Medical Supplies Pharmaceutic/RX, non-RX
 Metal Beams, etc.
 Meter Reader Services
 Miscellaneous Library Supplies
 Miscellaneous Police Department Equipment
 Monitoring Equipment & Supplies
 Motor Rewinding / Rebuild
 Motors Electric
 Moving Company
 MRO supplies (Maintenance Repair Operations Supplies)
 Office Furniture
 Office Supplies - Annual Contract
 Oyster Shell
 Paint / Coatings / Supplies
 Paving Machines / Rollers
 Pest Control Services
 Phone / COMM / Install
      Cleaning / Pigging
      Concrete, Reinforced
      Ductile Iron
      Galvanized Steel
      Liner / Re-Lining
      Stainless Steel
      Storm Drain-Corrig
 Playground Equipment
      Re-Lining / Membrane
      Repair / Re-Marcite
      Supplies, MISC.
 Pressure Cleaning
      Brochures / Color
      Cont. Form Utility Bills
      Continuous Form Checks
      Graphic Design/Posters/Print/Promotional
 Property Sales
      Fire / Engine
      Fire / Engine
      Pump & Motor Repairs
      Water / Sewer
 Real Estate Property Appriasers
      Containers / Equipment
      Recycling Services
      Collection Services
      Containers / Front End Load
      Containers / Hobos / Resident
 Rental Equipment - Annual Contract
 Safety Equipment
 Sale of Library Equipment
 Seats / Stadium
 Seed / Rye Grass, ETC.
 Sewer Cleaning Mach / Trk Mounted
 Sewer Video INSP / T.V.
 Shop Towels/Linen Services
      Computer System
      Granite / Monuments
      Traffic / Street
      Hauling & Application
      Management Systems
 Snow Making
 Sod / Argentine & Bahia, ETC.
 Sodium Hypochlorite
 Sound Systems / Installation
 Sporting Equipment
 Sports Consultant / Agent
 Sprinklers / Irrigation Supplies
 Stadium Clean-Up
 Stormwater Maintenance Service
 Street Sweepers
 Survey Equipment
 Surveyors / Registered Land
 Tarpaulins Baseball Fields
 Towing Services
 Tractors / Mowers / Disc / Harrow
      Light Poles - Install
      Signal Loop Install
      Traffic Signals - Cable
 Trailers / Utility
 Transcription Services
 Translation Services
 Trees / Plants / Landscape Shrub
 Trench Shield
      Bucket Truck
      Cab & Chassis Only
      Refuse / Front-End
      Refuse / Loader / Boom / Arm
      Refuse / Rear-End Loading
      Refuse / Side-Loading
      Truck with Dump Bed
      Truck with Mounted Tank
      T Shirts / Hats / Visors
 Utility Supplies / Various
      Pool Chemicals
 Water Tank Inspection Service
 Window Film/Installation


 Summer Positions

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