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Today is Saturday, July 13, 2024.

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Pot Hole

How do I report a pot hole?
Pot holes can be reported by clicking on pot hole under actions line - - Pot hole.


What does the "a" on my water bill stand for?
The "a" represents an actual reading. This is the amount that you are being billed for. The "e" represents an estimate.

When is my water bill due?
The bill is due 30 days from the "Bill Date". It must be received on or before that date or a $5.00 late fee will be added and interest will accrue.

Can I make monthly payments on my water bill?
You can make as many payments of any amount to your bill. However, if there is a balance still due on the due date of that bill then interest will accrue on any unpaid balance.

How do I pay my water bill?
You can pay with cash, money order, or with a check made out to the City of Melrose. Credit cards, debit cards and third party checks will not be accepted.

Does everyone in the City of Melrose get his or her water bills at the same time?
No. Melrose bills quarterly. The City is broken up into sections. Usually two sections of the City are billed at the same time. There are four billings approximately three months apart. You can find out the amount you owe or find out whether your payment has been received by calling the Collector's Office at 781-979-4120

Can I pay my water bill ahead if I am going on vacation?
Yes, but if there is not a bill in the system we cannot guarantee the amount that will be due. You may choose to pay the amount of your last bill, however if the new bill is more than the prior bill demand and interest will be charged for the unpaid amount. You may choose to make a larger payment and the difference will be credited to your account.

What are the current Water and Sewer Rates?
FY2012 Water & Sewer Rates $5.25 water residential $6.45 water commercial $9.35 sewer both residential and commercial these rates are per 100 cubic feet.

What happens if I do not pay my water bill?
Any bill due June 30th and unpaid by November 15th will go to lien on the real estate property tax on the next tax bill (3rd quarter). Any questions on consumption or questions about correcting or changing a name or address on your bill should be directed to the Water Department at 781-979-4175.


How do I sign up to use the kiosk?
The Kiosk is available for non-profit organizations located in the City of Melrose. Organizations utilizing the Kiosk must agree to the following: The Kiosk may only be reserved two (2) months in advance. Example: If you want to reserve space for the month of March, you may do so no sooner than January 1. One available space in the Kiosk will be assigned for one (1) week only except for July and August. This should give every organization in need an opportunity to have some exposure in the Kiosk. All billboards or signage must utilize the entire space of the Kiosk. The Kiosk measures 5'10" long by 2'8" wide. Signage that does not meet this requirement will be removed. The City of Melrose is not responsible for maintaining the signage or for its installation or removal. Anyone using the Kiosk must help keep it clean. Make sure you come back and remove your sign; if any sign is not removed from the Kiosk, don't put yours over it, take it down and bring it into the Public Works office. Note: All abandoned signs will be put in the trash. Only Melrose organizations are permitted to display in the Kiosk. Organizations must be non-profit, holding their event within the City of Melrose. Organizations take full responsibility for the removal of their signage within the times allocated for display and damage to the Kiosk. The City of Melrose takes no responsibility for signs belonging to displaying organizations. Please call Public Works at 781-979-4170 or visit them in the lower level of Melrose City Hall to check availability.



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