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Welcome to the Village of Winthrop Harbor, IL, Action Line
Today is Friday, July 10, 2020.
Garage Sale Listing

Residents of Winthrop Harbor may use this form to list garage or yard sales on the Village website. Submissions should be no less than one week prior to the sale. All submissions are subject to review, editing and approval by Village staff. Good luck with your sale!

IMPORTANT: The address of your sale must be within the Village of Winthrop Harbor to be listed on our Website.

* Information is required.

Contact Information

* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Email:
* Daytime Phone: (
* Address:
* City:

* Is this your 1st or 2nd sale for the current calendar year? (Village Ord. 154.314(L) provides for no more than two sales per year, for a maximum of 72 hours each.)

* Is your sale part of a group of sales (i.e. neighborhood-wide or village-wide sale)?

* Enter the START date and hours you'll be open (i.e. 7/01/15 from 9am to 4pm)
Enter the 2nd date and hours you'll be open on that date (optional)
Enter the 3rd date and hours you'll be open on that date (optional)
Description of your sale, or listing of key items for sale;


Check here to have email confirmation of this submission.

* Information is required.


If you haven't already done so, please visit and click the Garage Sale link to read the rules about placing signs for your sale. You must comply with all local ordinances when conducting a garage or yard sale.

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