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Welcome to the Village of Romeoville, IL, Action Line
Today is Thursday, March 30, 2017.
Parks and Recreation Survey

Purpose. Please help the Parks and Recreation department update the 5 year plan. We are looking at you the community to help us better serve you. Please take a minute and fill out this short survey, this information will be valuable to us.

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1. Do you participate in any of our recreational programs?
2. What recreational programs do you like best?
3. What additional special events would you like to see the community offer?
4. How can we improve our recreational programs?
5. What type of recreational programming would youlike to see in the future?
6. What do you like best about our current park system?
7. What park site do you use most frequently?
Atchley Park(Murphy & Fairfax Avenue)
Budler Park (Trafalger and Budler Road)
Century Park(Taylor Road just 1/2 mile west of Weber)
Conservation Park (Belmont Drive and Beverly Griffin Drive) Georgetown/Heritage( Heritage Parkway )
Haley Meadows Park (Goldenrod Drive)
Hampton Park( Kingston and Arlington)
Hassert Park ( Huron Court)
Independence Park(Raleigh Trail)
Jaycee Park( Murphy Drive and Heritage Parkway )
Lake Strini at Conservation Park ( Belmont Drive and Beverly Griffin Drive )
Lakeshore Park( Amaryllis Drive )
Lakewood Estates Park (Michigan Drive)
Malibu Park ( Bodega Drive and Princeton Ave)
Meadowalk Park (Honeytree Drive)
Murphy Park (Montrose & Independence Blvd/Rt.53)
O'Hara Woods & Nature Preserve ( Belmont and Beverly Griffin Drive)
Pacific Park( Key Largo Drive )
Rotary Park( Teepee Lane and Whitmore Drive )
Village Park (900 W. Romeo Road)
Volunteer Park (Murphy Drive)
Wesglen Park( Wesglen Parkway)
Weslake Park( Weslake Parkway and Newcastle )
8. What makes you come to this park? What activities do you do there?
9. What new amentities would you like to see added to our park system?
10. How can we improve you park sites?
11. What type of park sites would you like to see in the future?
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* Information is required.


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