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Birth/Death Certificate

Where do I get a Birth Certificate?
Health Department - Vital Statistics Vital Statistics is responsible for reviewing, recording and filing birth, death, and fetal certificates submitted by the hospital, birthing center, midwives and funeral directors and for recording changes of amendments, adoptions, and paternity on certificates sent from the state. This division provides certified copies of birth and death certificates to the general public, reviews and prepares a daily report of monies collected and certificates issued, and prepares a monthly report for the state. Vital Statistics 502 E. Tyler St. Harlingen, Texas 78550 (956) 216-5140 Fax: (956) 428-0828 Birth Certificate Application Death Certificate Application Aplicacion para Registro de Nacimiento Aplicacion para Registro de Defuncion Mission Statement Maintain accurate Vital Statistic records and provide prompt and responsive service to all our customers. What Services Do We Provide? •Issue birth, death, and fetal certificates. •Our office is linked to the Remote site system from the State vital statistics office, which allows issuance of a birth card to person born in Texas. •Maintain birth records starting from 1917, and death records starting from 1917. •Register home births by midwives and/or other attendants. •Assist funeral directors with the filing of death certificates and burial transits. •Provide customers with various vital statistic forms for amending birth and death certificates. •Provide birth and death verifications to various state and federal agencies. •Notarize Texas vital statistics forms, by appointment only. To ensure you receive an accurate record for your request and is processed expeditiously, please follow the steps outlined below: •For all mail requests the only form of payment accepted are money order or cashier check payable to the City of Harlingen. (no personal or business checks) •Because all fees are subject to change, a telephone number has been included in the following information for use in verifying the current fee. •Type or print all names and addresses in the letter/or print and complete the application •Give the following facts when writing for birth or death records: 1. Full name of person whose record is being requested. 2. Sex 3. Parent's names, including maiden name of mother. 4. Month, day, and year of birth or death. 5. Place of birth or death (city or town, county, and state; and name of hospital if known). 6. Purpose for which record is needed. 7. Relationship to person whose record is being requested. 8. Photocopy of I.D. (must be valid-/state driver license, state I.D., U.S. passport, military I.D. or permanent resident alien card). 9. Physical mailing address (no P.O. Box). 10. Daytime telephone number, in case additional informationi is required. 11. Applicant's signature is required. 12. We do not mail any records outside the United States. Please see Link for more

Building Permits

How do I go about getting a building permit?
The Planning and Zoning Department is pleased to provide citizens of the City of Harlingen and other interested parties with a booklet on how to obtain a Building Permit by going to this site:

Code Enforcement

How do I report a Code Violation?
Pick Up Your Phone and Dial 956-216-5200 You will directly speak with a staff member. You will be asked detailed information regarding your complaint. This information will be sent to a Code Enforcement Officer or the appropriate City Department for action. Email Us Your Complaint You may e-mail your complaint to: Please provide detailed information regarding the complaint. The complaint will be processed accordingly. Put it in the Mail Mail us your complaint to the following address: City of Harlingen Code Enforcement Division P.O. Box 2207 Harlingen, Texas 78551

Crime Stoppers

Where do I report information about a crime?
Crime Stoppers The Crime Stoppers Program is designed to obtain information from those sources that have knowledge about area crimes. Crime Stoppers offers individuals anonymity and a financial reward for the information they provide. Crime Stoppers also solves crimes in our public school system through Campus Crime Stoppers. The Harlingen Area Crime Stoppers phone number is 956-425-TIPS.


Where do I make my city tax payments?
Please send them to city hall.

Harlingen Waterworks

Locate water and sewer lines on the entire property.
To request a locate from Harlingen Water Works, fax your request to (956) 430-6190 with the location, diagram or map showing the site, you or your company's name, address and phone number. To request locates for other utilities call Dig Tess at 1-800-344-8377. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT LOCATES MUST BE REQUESTED WITH A 48 HOUR NOTICE SO PLEASE PLAN YOUR PROJECTS.



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