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Welcome to the City of Wilmington, OH, Citizen Help Line
Today is Thursday, October 18, 2018.
WARNING! Please do not use this form to report issues of an emergency nature or for conditions requiring an immediate response. If your issue is an emergency, please call 911.
Crime Stoppers E-Tip Form

Use this form to report possible criminal behavior. Retain your tracking number (which you will get when you complete the form) to claim any possible reward.

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Contact Information

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* Describe the type of crime or offense that you are reporting.
What is the name of the person or persons involved with the offense.
Where does the suspect live?
What was the suspect wearing? (i.e. type and color of clothing, etc.)
Can you describe them? (i.e. height, weight, hair color, eye color, facial hair, eyeglasses, scars, marks, tattoos, etc.)
Was there a vehicle involved? If so, please describe the vehicle. (i.e. car, truck, van, 2/4 dr, make, model, year, color, etc.)
If you're reporting suspected drug activity, what time of day do you see people coming and going?
Do you know the names of other people who don't reside at the residence, but come and go from the residence?
Are there children in the residence?


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* Information is required.


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