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Small Scale Home Occupation Acknowledgement Form

Community & Economic Development Department
Please contact the Department at 509-967-5902 for assistance with this for or for questions.

The following form and general business license application are used to determine whether the business qualifies as a small or large-scale home occupation. The completion of the form does not constitute a guarantee that the business is compliant with the Home Occupation regulations. According to WRMC 17.54.047(a); “The purpose of the small-scale home occupation provision is to support local residents by providing them the option to use their residence for small-scale business activities that do not interfere with the residential character of their neighborhood”. Should the business not qualify as a small-scale use; there are provisions for Large-Scale home Occupations.

Be advised the following uses are not allowed as a small-scale home occupation(s): On-premise bookstore or entertainment establishment; Barber shop or beauty parlor with more than one (1) chair; Equipment rental; Funeral home or crematorium; Animal kennel, animal stable, animal daycare, or animal training; Lodging or boarding house; Machining, welding, or metal shop; Slaughter and meat processing service; Towing service; Vehicle or heavy equipment alteration, repair (including body, engine and chassis), painting, sales, service, impound, or storage; Wholesale sales, on-premise.

Please read through the West Richland Municipal Code relating to Home Occupations to ensure your operation can meet the requirements. WRMC 17.54.047

* Information is required.

Contact Information

* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Business Name:
* Daytime Phone: (
* Address:

* Please provide a detailed description of the home business plan and services:
* Will the home occupation be carried on exclusively by a family member(s) residing in the dwelling unit?

* Will there be employees working at or visiting the subject property who are not family members living at the residence?

* Will there be customers or clients visiting the property?

* Will the home occupation be conducted entirely within the structures on the site, without any significant outside activity?

If no, please explain:
* Will there be heavy equipment, power tools, or power sources associated with the home occupation?

If yes, please list types:
* Will vehicles or trailers be used in conjunction with the home occupation?

If yes, please list all types, including the gross vehicle weight of trucks:
* Will there be deliveries made to the property by commercial vehicles in excess of 20,000 gross pounds vehicle weight (example: standard UPS truck)?

If yes, please list the type and frequency:
* Will the home occupation create noise or vibration?

If yes, please explain:
* Will the home occupation produce dust, odors, or smoke?

If yes, please explain:
* Will the home occupation create any glare on public streets and neighboring properties, such as from lighting, welding, etc.?

If yes, please explain:
* Will flammable and/or hazardous materials be handled or stored on the property?

If yes, please list the type, amount, and how it is stored: (e.g. 2 one-gallon containers of bug spray stored in the garage)
* Will materials in conjunction with the home occupation be stored outside of the dwelling?

If yes, please explain how and where:
* Will there be a sign on the property in conjunction with the home occupation?

If yes, please explain size and location:
* By clicking "Yes" to the following, you certify that the above statements are correct, and hereby commit to continue to abide by the standards of WRMC 17.54.047.



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* Information is required.

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