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Welcome to the City of West Carrollton, OH, Permits and Payments Center

Today is Sunday, July 21, 2024.

Building Permits

  1. Enter the Permit Number.
  2. Enter the Owner Name.
  3. Enter the Service Address.
  4. Select the Payment Type.
  5. Enter the Payment Amount.
    (Warning! Entering the wrong payment amount may slow or prevent your payment from being successfully completed.)
  6. Enter Additional Information/Comments

Permit Number :
Property Owner Name :
Service Address : Ex: 123 Main Blvd
Payment Type : Current
Payment Amount :
Service Fee (2%) :0.00 
Total Amount Due :0.00
Additional Information/Comments :

You may use either MasterCard or Visa. After completing your payment, you will receive both an online receipt plus an emailed receipt for your records.


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