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Welcome to the City of West Carrollton, OH, Permits and Payments Center

Today is Saturday, July 13, 2024.

West Carrollton Court Payments
You must indicate you understand and accept the following terms.
Personal Appearance Required: If the office marked this block on the face of the ticket, you must appear in court. Your appearance in court is required because the offenses cannot be processed by a Traffic Violation Bureau.
Failure to appear and/or pay: The posting of bail or depositing your license bond is to secure your appearance in court or the processing of the offenses through a Traffic Violations Bureau. It is not a payment of fines or costs. If you do not appear at the time and place stated in the citation or if you do not timely process this citation through a Traffic Violations Bureau, your license will be cancelled. Also, a warrant may be issued for your arrest and you may be subject to additional criminal penalties.
Information: For information regarding your duty to appear, showing proof of insurance, or the amount of fines and costs, call 1-937-859-8289.
Guilty pleas, waiver of trial, payment of fines and costs: I, the defendant, do hereby enter my online plea of guilty to the offense(s) charged in this ticket. I realize that by paying online, I admit my guilt of the offense(s) charged and waive my right to contest the offense(s) in a trial before the court or jury. I realize that a record of this plea will be sent to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. I have not been convicted of, pleaded guilty to, or forfeited bond for two or more moving traffic offenses within the last 12 months. I plead guilty to the offense(s) charged by checking the box and proceeding to the payment screen.
I understand and accept these terms

  1. Enter the Defendant's Name.
  2. Enter the Driver's License Number.
  3. Enter the Phone Number.
  4. Enter the Address.
  5. Enter the Ticket Number.
  6. Enter the Case Number (if available).
  7. Enter the Description of Violation.
  8. Enter the Ticket Amount.
    (Warning! Entering the wrong amount may slow or prevent your payment from being successfully completed.)
  9. Enter Additional Information/Comments

If this case was handled in Miamisburg court, contact Miamisburg court for payment.

Defendant's Name :
Driver's License Number :
Phone Number :
Address :Ex: 123 Main Blvd
Ticket Number :
Case Number :
(if available)
Description of Violation :
Ticket Amount :
Service Fee (2%) :0.00 
Total Amount Due :0.00
Additional Information/Comments :

You may use either MasterCard or Visa. After completing your payment, you will receive both an online receipt plus an emailed receipt for your records.


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