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Welcome to the City of Smyrna, GA, Action Line
Today is Friday, December 1, 2023.
WARNING! DO NOT use this form to report an emergency or conditions requiring an immediate response by police or fire personnel. If your issue or information is an emergency, please CALL 911.
Crime Tips On-line

Use this form to report suspected criminal behavior. You need not identify yourself on the form. REMEMBER it is important to give as much detail as possible. We must be able to verify your information in order to bring a resolution to the incident you are reporting. We receive all tips on crime and criminals including tips about criminal activity outside our jurisdiction. We will pass on all information to the proper authority.

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* What did you see or hear? How do you know about the crime? Be as detailed as possible.
Who is the suspect(s)? Give name, age, race, address, telephone, work place, hang out, and any additional information that you may think is helpful.
Vehicle information, if known? Make, model, year, license number, color?
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If you send us a message, you will receive a Tracking Number allowing you to follow-up with your request, at your convenience.

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