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August 2012


Vietnamese cousins indicted over false human traff

by Admin ECLink

New Jersey Online

August 23, 2012
Vietnamese cousins indicted over false human trafficking allegation in Pennington

Two Vietnamese cousins were indicted today for falsely accusing their New Jersey host family of human trafficking and forced servitude in nail salons without pay, state authorities said.

Long Ngoc Nguyen and Ngoc Hong Doan, both 23, who now live in Minnesota, told state and federal authorities for more than two years they were victimized by a Pennington couple who took them in when they came to the United States only to take away their passports and enslave them, the Attorney General's Office said in a news release.

They claimed their families arranged for them to come on student visas in 2007 so they could attend community college in Seattle, the office said. They said they were only supposed to stay with the New Jersey couple for a month, but were never allowed to leave and instead were forced to work in their home and nail salons without pay.

The... [more]


3 charged in human-trafficking ring

by Admin ECLink


August 24, 2012
Police: Victims abducted, forced into prostitution

AUSTIN (KXAN) - Two men and one woman are charged with human trafficking after being accused of abducting at least four women and forcing them into prostitution by threatening to kill them and, in some cases, their children.

Solomon Pate, Demetrick Cooks and Rebecca Chap, all 26, were booked into the Travis County jail with bail for each set at $500,000.

The arrests came after two women contacted Round Rock police from a hospital where they were being treated for injuries. The women, one 18 and the other 19, told officers that they had been kidnapped in Houston by Pate. On the drive to Austin, they were drugged.

The women said they and two others were being kept in rooms at a hotel near the Capitol in Austin and were forced to solicit sex in the downtown area, according to arrest warrant documents released Friday. Two of the women managed to escape.

Round Rock police contacted Austin polic... [more]


Pimp Rules: List For 'Da Game Of Hoez' Seized

by Admin ECLink

Huffington Post

August 15, 2012
Pimp Rules: List For 'Da Game Of Hoez' Seized During Arrest Of Steve McDaniel, Sandra Russell

Pimpin' ain't easy.

The sentiment was made clear Tuesday when New York officers released 10 pimp bylaws they seized while arresting alleged pimp Steve McDaniel and his accomplice, Sandra Russell, Patch reports.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you "Rules 2 Da game of Hoez!!!"

The list -- reportedly prepared by 29-year-old McDaniel at his home on Long Island -- is full of cringe-worthy and misspelled advice, including, "No matter how much you like or care for 1 or any of them, don't trust none of them. (Like Scarface who do I trust?? Me that's who..)"

Suffolk County Sheriff's deputies raided the duo's home Tuesday and arrested them on charges that they ran a prostitution and drug ring, in which they paid hookers in heroin, The Smoking Gun reports.

McDaniels allegedly sent the instructive letter to Russel, who ran the prostitution ring, a... [more]


Pimp gets life for molesting, forcing 14-year-old

by Admin ECLink


August 14, 2012
Pimp gets life for molesting, forcing 14-year-old runaway into prostitution

A 14-year-old runaway paid a hefty price for her freedom when she got into the car of a stranger. Days later she was sexual abuse and forced into a life of prostitution.

Still, she eventually managed to escape and helped bring down an Atlanta pimp.

On Monday, a Fulton County judge sentenced Mr. David Pepe to life in prison for trafficking of persons for sexual servitude, pimping, aggravated child molestation and enticing a child for indecent purposes.

He was also convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to the district attorney's office.

Mr. Pepe, also known as Rico, first met the girl in April of 2009 when he offered her a ride, the district attorney's spokeswoman Ms. Yvette Brown said.

“Within three days he began prostituting the girl and within a week was having sex with her himself,” Ms. Brown said.

The man took the girl to v... [more]


Most Victims Were Under 18 and Were Recruited from

by Admin ECLink

Law Fuel

August 9, 2012
Most Victims Were Under 18 and Were Recruited from Inland Empire Schools

RIVERSIDE, California – A federal grand jury has indicted eight people – four of whom allegedly are members of a South Los Angeles street gang – on charges related to the sex trafficking of teen-age girls who were recruited and groomed to work as prostitutes across Southern California.

Six of the defendants were arrested this morning by some of the members of the Inland Child Exploitation/Prostitution Task Force, which is comprised of agents, deputies and officers with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, Riverside Police Department, San Bernardino Police Department, Pomona Police Department, and Ontario Police Department. The other two defendants are already in state custody.

A grand jury on August 1 returned an 18-count indictment that accuses seven of the defendants of conspiring to engage in the sex trafficking of seven teen... [more]


Servant gets 3-year sentence for human trafficking

by Admin ECLink

Gulf Today

August 10, 2012
Servant gets 3-year sentence for human trafficking

DUBAI: The Appellate court in Dubai upheld its verdict sending an Asian servant, identified as ASD, behind bars for 3 years followed by deportation over the charge of human trafficking.

The man was convicted of taking advantage of an Asian female, claiming to provide her with a job opportunity as a maid but then forcing her into prostitution.

The Public Prosecution stated that the suspect had committed his crime with the help of other fugitives, exploiting the difficult situation of the victim being a divorced mother of two kids.

They brought her to the country and locked her in a flat forcing her to practice prostitution with their customers.

The victim said that the suspects raped her when arriving at the flat and informed her that no one would hear her screams as a gang ran the area they were in.

She added that the suspects had informed her that she would need to practice the... [more]


Report: Women recruit girls for Ohio sex trade

by Admin ECLink

SF Chronicle

August 8, 2012
Report: Women recruit girls for Ohio sex trade

CINCINNATI (AP) — A report released Wednesday paints a vivid picture of the shadowy world of sex trafficking in Ohio, from its recruiters and groomers to its customers and pimps.

The report, released by the state Human Trafficking Commission and conducted over a three-year period, is based on interviews with 328 victims in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland and Toledo. Of those interviewed, 115 reported that they were forced into the trade when they were under 18, with 12 percent of them sold before they were even 12 years old.

The vast majority of the girls forced into prostitution reported that they were recruited by women who were involved in the trade themselves or who at first acted like a friend, the report said.

Adults who were manipulated into the trade after they turned 18 were more likely to be recruited by a man who acted like a boyfriend before becoming threatening and v... [more]


Mom seized in Cebu for ‘pimping’ girls

by Admin ECLink

Sun Star Cebu

August 10, 2012
Mom seized in Cebu for ‘pimping' girls

CEBU CITY -- A mother and her American live-in partner were arrested in this city Wednesday night on suspicion of trying to pimp her two young daughters in prostitution dens.

On the same night, policemen in Mandaue City rescued six women aged 19 to 26 and arrested two men for alleged human trafficking.

Dina, 36, and American national Roger, 46, (not their real names) were arrested on Pelaez St., Cebu City.

Dina's daughters, Jane and Janice (not their real names), aged 14 and 15, were brought to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Central Visayas.

Dina denied the accusation against her and the American, saying she was eating dinner when the operatives arrested them. She and her partner were allegedly waiting for clients for their older daughter when arrested.

The Regional Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force (RAHTTF) is also verifying Jane's allegation that her younger si... [more]


Did you pray with a prostitute in Grand Rapids?

by Admin ECLink

M Live

August 7, 2012
Did you pray with a prostitute in Grand Rapids? She wants to thank you today

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Telisia Espinosa wants to know: Did you pray with a prostitute on a Grand Rapids street corner about 14 years ago?

If so, the Tampa, Fla., resident wants to thank you.

Espinosa is now involved in a ministry in her church aimed at fighting human trafficking and helping women who are caught in prostitution. She told her story today in an article published on

“I wish I could thank them,” Espinosa said of an encounter she recalls from her days of being driven by her pimp to Midwestern cities such as Grand Rapids, Chicago and Detroit.

The couple, who approached her as she was crossing the street, simply asked if they could pray with her, Espinosa said in a telephone interview with

“There was no judgment – not even asking if they could help me,” she said. “I'm pretty sure they prayed for protection.”

That moment of prayer d... [more]


China busts huge organ trafficking ring

by Admin ECLink

Skim That

August 6, 2012

In a nationwide crackdown on human organ trafficking, Chinese police have arrested 137 suspects, including 18 doctors, and saved 127 people who had agreed to donate organs.

Police said the suspects would recruit healthy donors over the Internet, then match them with needy patients they found in hospitals or over the Internet, and then collect big profits from the transactions.

Organ trafficking has risen in China because of a lack of volunteer organ donors. Only 10,000 people out of over 1.5 million people waiting for organ transplants can get the surgeries. The shortage of donors is mostly due to a tradition of leaving the dead as they are.

Currently, the majority of organs used in transplants come from executed Chinese prisoners. The vice health minister recently pledged to end the practice due to criticism from human rights groups which accuse China of harvesting prisoners' organs without their... [more]


Pimp gets sentence he won't outlive

by Admin ECLink

OC Register

August 7, 2012
Pimp gets sentence he won't outlive

Gary Brents was sentenced to 119 years to life in prison after the California Supreme Court overturned his death sentence for 1995 slaying.

SANTA ANA – An Anaheim pimp who burned a woman to death in the trunk of his car was re-sentenced Tuesday to 119 years to life in prison after the California Supreme Court in February overturned his death sentence.

Gary Brents, now 51, was given the death penalty in 2000 for the 1995 slaying of one of his prostitutes, Kelly Ann Gordon, 26, who was burned alive after Brents kidnapped her, locked her in the trunk of his car, drove to a remote location and doused her in gasoline.

Prosecutors argued at the time that Brents killed Gordon because he believed she was stealing from him and would turn him in to the police for dealing drugs.

The state high court reversed the death sentence in February, finding that then-Superior Court Judge John Ryan did not properly inst... [more]


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