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July 2011


A house of ill repute

by Admin ECLink

The Baltimore Sun

July 28, 2011
A house of ill repute

There was nothing unusual about the faded yellow house on Belair Road. Its inhabitants mostly kept to themselves and were rarely seen outdoors. Only after federal and state investigators raided the site in May did neighbors learn that the building, which billed itself as an Asian massage parlor, actually served as a front for what authorities say was a sex-trafficking ring that forced women to have sex with as many as 15 to 20 men a day.

All the women were Asian immigrants who, prosecutors say, were shuttled from house to house in what is alleged to have been a multi-state prostitution network along the Eastern seaboard; some of the women apparently were unaware even what state or city they were in. Authorities arrested five people in connection with an investigation into suspected brothels in five states and charged them with conspiracy, racketeering, coercion, money laundering and other crimes.

The raid on the ... [more]


Infants Rescued from Chinese Human Traffickers

by Admin ECLink

Empowered News

July 28, 2011
Infants Rescued from Chinese Human Traffickers

Beijing, China – 89 infants were rescued by Chinese police after they have been kidnapped by a big syndicate involved in human trafficking. 369 people were entrapped and arrested by the Chinese police who were involved in two human trafficking cases just this month.

The first case involves infants, who were abducted from Vietnam and will be sold in China. Guangxi and Guangdong, two regions in Southern China, will be the place the infants in be sold to childless couples. Newspaper China Daily confirmed the earlier speculations about the infant human trafficking in the Southern Region of China.

39 suspects were detained by the police after attempting to sell 8 infants, 10 days to seven months old, in the middle of July. The infants were very asleep when rescued due to the sleeping pills they have taken.

In a separate entrapment operation, Chinese police successfully captured 330 suspected h... [more]


Teen alleges La Plata man forced her into

by Admin ECLink

Southern Maryland Newspapers

July 27, 2011
Teen alleges La Plata man forced her into prostitution

A La Plata man has been charged with more than 20 counts of human trafficking, rape and sex offense for having sex with a 13-year-old girl and forcing her to perform sex acts on numerous other men in exchange for food, clothing and shelter.

The girl was found on a bus April 30, more than a week after she originally left home with a friend. Unable to stay at her friend's home, the girl took a taxi to the Wawa gas station on Berry Road in Waldorf, according to court documents.

There she was approached by Peraz Lydell Chisley, 21, who offered her a ride in his black Nissan. The girl told Chisley she was 14, but he told her to provide a false name and say she was 19 if they met anyone, the documents state.

Chisley took the girl to a house on Bicknell Road in Marbury, where they had consensual sex, the documents state.

The girl stayed with Chisley, who bought her food ... [more]


3 rescued from 'wife traffickers'

by Admin ECLink

English Eastday

July 27, 2011
3 rescued from 'wife traffickers'

TWO girls and a woman were rescued from a gang planning to sell them as wives in neighboring Jiangsu Province, local police said yesterday.

A 12-year-old girl and her 15-year-old cousin were found by officers in a hotel in Xuhui District. The woman was located in a village in Jiangsu.

Eight men were detained by officers for alleged human trafficking offences dating back 10 years.

Police said they saw the girls taken into a hotel on Shilong Road in Xuhui by three middle-aged men on June 16.

During a spot check by police, the three men claimed to be relatives of the girls. However, they were unable to give even the names of the girls parents.

The girls, surnamed Xu, aged 15, and 12-year-old Huang told police they were looking for jobs to support their families in Yunnan Province. The three men, also Yunnan natives, had promised them work in Shanghai.

But the cousins realized they had been mi... [more]


Attorney General's new Human Trafficking Unit

by Admin ECLink

Michigan Live

July 25, 2011
Attorney General's new Human Trafficking Unit files 13 charges against man nicknamed Gruesome

Attorney General Bill Schuette's new Human Trafficking Unit has filed the first criminal charges under the state's human trafficking law.

Schuette's office alleges that Detroit's Sedrick Leman-Isaac Mitchell, nicknamed Gruesome, enslaved two young girls.The charges were filed following an investigation by Michigan State Police and the FBI through the Southeast Michigan Crimes Against Children Task Force.

"Modern day slavery happens in Michigan every day and it must be stopped," said Schuette. "I am committed to a new fight against this enslavement of our children. This is a warning for the criminals running these operations: Your time is up."

Mitchell, 32, is accused of enslaving a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old in Detroit. The 14-year-old reportedly was enslaved by Mitchell after he invited her to attend a party last summer. The teenager was ... [more]


8 kids rescued from trafficking suspects

by Admin ECLink

The Nation Thailand

July 26, 2011
8 kids rescued from trafficking suspects

Police raided a rented room in Chiang Mai's Muang district Tuesday morning and rescued eight children aged 3-14 from three Burmese human trafficking suspects, who reportedly forced the kids to beg on the street and assaulted those failing to meet a daily target of Bt500.

Provincial Police Region chief Pol Lt Gen Chaiya Siriampankul said police also arrested a Burmese man Tin Win, 57, and two Burmese women Chuay Ji, 54, and Ma Cho, 47.
Previously, two girls, aged 14 and 16, were assaulted but escaped to tell police that they and other kids were forced to beg and the two had also been molested by the gang leader.

The three suspects said they had lived in Thailand for three years and claimed the kids were their relatives, were begging voluntarily, and they just helped by sending the kids to Waroros Market, Night Bazaar and hightraffic areas.

Chaiya said the gang allegedly lured or stole kids... [more]


Czech, British police smash human trafficking ring

by Admin ECLink

Czech Position

July 20, 2011
Czech, British police smash human trafficking ring centred on UK sex

Czech police have given details of their role in breaking up a human trafficking ring which snared Czech women for exploitation in Britain.

Czech Police have described how they helped smash an international human trafficking ring in the first joint investigation carried out by specialist Czech and British squads.

Six people have been arrested, three in the United Kingdom and three in the Czech Republic, for running a sex trafficking ring which recruited young Czech girls and forced them into prostitution and sham marriages in the UK.

“Most of the girls were from socially deprived backgrounds,” the statement released by Czech police said. Media reports out of Britain suggest up to 40 women, some as young as 18, could have been snared by the gang before it was broken up.

They were forced to work as prostitutes in London, the Midlands, and West Yorkshire with threat... [more]


GBI's human trafficking unit locates teenage

by Admin ECLink

WQOW 18 News

July 18, 2011
GBI's human trafficking unit locates teenage Wisconsin girl

DECATUR, GEORGIA (WKOW) -- A missing 15-year-old Fitchburg girl and her infant son have been found in Georgia and authorities there say she was the victim of commercial sex trafficking.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Human Trafficking Unit received a request Wednesday to aid Fitchburg Police and the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation in an attempt to locate the missing juvenile and her son.

The two had been missing since May 10, 2011, and Fitchburg police were alerted to her disappearance in early June.

Fitchburg police say the girl ran away from her home in the Belmar Hills neighborhood.

Police investigators began tracking the girl's movement based on her cell phone use and found she was taking trips back and forth from the Milwaukee area to the Atlanta area.

Once they narrowed her location down to DeKalb County, Georgia, Fitchburg police enlisted the... [more]


Assamese girls forced to work for free, placement

by Admin ECLink

The Times of India

July 18, 2011
Assamese girls forced to work for free, placement agent arrested

NEW DELHI: A placement agency owner was arrested for running a human trafficking racket by the crime branch, and nine girls from Assam were rescued. The accused has been identified as Munna Chaudhary (41) and he was allegedly running the agency for six years.

Cops said Chaudhary would procure girls through brokers and agents from rural areas of Assam and bring them to Delhi and get them employed as domestic help. These girls had no knowledge about their salary and never really got to contact their parents after coming here. Post rescue, they all expressed willingness to return home, and were sent to Nirmal Chhaya , said cops. "A joint team of Anti-Human Trafficking Unit and NGO Shakti Vahini raided the premises of Rajdhani Placement Agency at Rajouri Garden in west Delhi on Wednesday and the girls were recovered," said DCP Ashok Chand. Probe has revealed that the agency co... [more]


Sex offender charged with human trafficking, rape

by Admin ECLink

The Wichita Eagle

July 16, 2011
Sex offender charged with human trafficking, rape

Prosecutors on Friday charged a registered sex offender in Wichita with 10 counts of rape and 10 counts of aggravated human trafficking.

The alleged victims are two children.

The charges cover five time periods, beginning in April 2, 2010, and ending June 15, 2011, the District Attorney's Office said.

Earlier this week, Wichita police alleged that the defendant, James L. Brown, 47, had sex with two preteen girls whose mother drove them from Kansas City, Kan., to Wichita to meet him in a motel.

Police said that the crimes occurred over two years and that late last month, the girls — now 12 and 13 — told someone they trusted about the abuse.

Brown made his first court appearance on the charges Friday in Sedgwick County District Court, where Judge David Kaufman set his bond at $750,000.

Brown — wearing an orange jail jumpsuit while appearing on a video monitor — asked Kaufman ... [more]


Georgia Minister and Wife Plead Guilty to Human

by Admin ECLink


July 14, 2011
Georgia Minister and Wife Plead Guilty to Human Trafficking

Slavery was not over in the home of Michael and Juna Babb.

On Friday the Ellenwood, Georgia, couple pleaded guilty in federal court to felony charges related to a labor scheme involving a young woman from the Kingdom of Swaziland in Southern Africa that was in fact human trafficking.

The victim, in her 20s, was asked to cook at Juna Gwendolyn Babb's wedding by Babb during a visit to Swaziland. Accepting the offer, the two headed to the United States. Upon arrival, however, the unnamed victim was in for a surprise. There was no wedding. Instead, the Swaziland cook was forced to work as a housekeeper for almost two years for little to no pay.

“Few crimes are more shocking than the trafficking of human beings in this country,” said Brock Nicholson, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent. “No one should have to live in a world of isolation and forced servitude.”

Babb's... [more]


Tip leads to human trafficking arrest

by Admin ECLink


July 14, 2011
Tip leads to human trafficking arrest

Police say 17-year-old was pimped out

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - She is not even old enough to vote, but police said she was being pimped out for sex by an Albuquerque man.

It was a concerned citizen and call to a hotline that landed that man behind bars.

Dante Mckay, 32, is accused of pimping out a 17-year-old girl for $180 an hour. He's now charge with human trafficking.

"Due to the fact she is a minor, she is basically looking to someone else, and this person, the offender, is guiding her into this course of business essentially," Albuquerque police Sgt. Trish Hoffman said.

Police caught on to Dante after a worker at an Albuquerque business called the National Human Trafficking hotline in Washington, D.C. to report a tip. That call was rerouted to Albuquerque Wednesday.

The caller said Dante and the girl were at the business and that Dante was being possessive.

The caller said that something just ... [more]


Police rescue Lithuanian teen sex slave

by Admin ECLink

Ice News

July 8, 2011
Police rescue Lithuanian teen sex slave

Danish police have rescued a Lithuanian teenager, who was being held as a sex slave in Copenhagen, after she managed to secretly email a friend in her home country.

The 19 year-old says she was forced to prostitute herself for several weeks after being lured away from her home country on the promise of a well-paid job.

During her captivity, the woman stole the chance to email a friend in Lithuanian, who alerted the police. After a tip-off from Europol, police raided the address and found the woman. She handed them a handwritten note in English which explained that she was being held against her will and needed help.

“We got a description of the building that she was being held in from Europol. With a little local knowledge and some people watching on the street, we discovered the place,” Trine Moller Andersen, of Copenhagen Police's anti-human trafficking department, told Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

... [more]


5 indicted in ‘forced prostitution’ investigation

by Admin ECLink

The Huntsville Item

July 8, 2011
5 indicted in ‘forced prostitution' investigation

HUNTSVILLE — Five Huntsville men have been indicted on felony charges they forced an underage runaway to engage in prostitution.

Donte Shuntel Houston, Stacy Merchant, Edward James Fisher and Freddie Ray Johnson, all of Huntsville, have been formally charged with compelling prostitution when the victim is under 17 years of age. Houston and Merchant also face felony charges of trafficking a person, while Fisher has been charged with aggravated sexual assault.

Johnson faces an addition charge of sexual assault, and Alex Molina, also of Huntsville, faces a lone count of sexual assault.

“These people are facing first-degree felonies,” Walker County Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Stroud said. “They are facing five to 99 years behind bars.”

The Walker County grand jury handed down the indictments late last week.

The case, now under investigation by the Huntsville Police Depa... [more]


NY man admits role in human trafficking case

by Admin ECLink

The Salem News

July 9, 2011
NY man admits role in human trafficking case

PEABODY — A New York man has pleaded guilty to his role in an operation that allegedly lured Chinese women to the United States with promises of work, only to force them into prostitution.

Among the victims of the scheme were two women who ended up in a Peabody apartment on Essex Lane, across from the Northshore Mall, back in 2005. After the women's arrests on prostitution charges, their case came to the attention of the State Department.

Xiang Hua Zhang, who is also known as Darren Liu, pleaded guilty to one count in the indictment, and is scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 11, according to the case docket in U.S. District Court.

Four others are still awaiting trial, including Hong Wei, also known as "Mrs. Chen," who along with Zhang lived in Flushing, N.Y., and Jing Liang "Mike" Chen, Kai Chen and Yu En "Eric" Jin, all of Quincy.

Zhang signed a plea agreement with prosecutors and ent... [more]


Cops say man tried to buy girl

by Admin ECLink

Gwinnett Daily Post

July 9, 2011
Cops say man tried to buy girl

NORCROSS — A 33-year-old Norcross man faces federal charges after he allegedly attempted to purchase an underage girl to have in his possession for a year, according to a news release from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Carl Fredrik Skow, who lives on the 500 block of Olde Mill Lane in Norcross, was arrested and charged with sex trafficking of a child, the news release states. Skow is an engineer at Cox Enterprises.

The arrest followed a two-month investigation by the GBI's newly formed Human Trafficking Unit, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Sandy Springs Police Department.

GBI officials said they can't say where Skow was arrested, but it was not at his Norcross home.

The Human Trafficking Unit began operating July 1 to combat the crimes of child sex trafficking and human trafficking in Georgia. The unit's enforcement is aided by a U.S. Department of Justice grant and by... [more]


Tennessee teen runaway found working as

by Admin ECLink

Daily Reporter

July 9, 2011
Tennessee teen runaway found working as a prostitute near Atlanta

DECATUR, Ga. — Georgia authorities say they found a 16-year-old runaway from Tennessee working as a prostitute south of Atlanta.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation's human trafficking unit got a tip from law enforcement in Tennessee that led authorities to a Clayton County motel. The girl is a ward of the state in Tennessee.

Undercover agents on Thursday entered the motel room where the girl was working. When they didn't allow her to answer her phone, a man came to the door.

Officers discovered the man, 26-year-old Huie Herosheio Pollard of Jonesboro, had an outstanding warrant on unrelated charges. He struggled during arrest, which led to additional charges.

Records show the girl had been at the motel just over a month. She waived extradition to Tennessee at a hearing Friday.

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Sen. Barbara Boxer Joins Colleagues to Introduce

by Admin ECLink

The State Column

July 7, 2011
Sen. Barbara Boxer Joins Colleagues to Introduce Bill to Combat Human Trafficking

Today, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) joined with Senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT), John Kerry (D-MA) and Scott Brown (R-MA) to introduce the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2011, which seeks to combat human trafficking and improve protections for victims both in the United States and abroad.

On the international front, the bill requires the State Department to develop regional strategies for combating trafficking in persons and requires that regional trafficking officers be put in place to help fulfill the strategies. On the domestic front, the bill will improve cooperation among federal agencies providing victim services as well as offer law enforcement additional tools and resources to investigate human trafficking crimes.

The bill includes a provision based on Boxer's Child Protection Compact Act, a bipartisan bill introduced ea... [more]


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