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April 2015


How the deal got done: Amy Klobuchar's 'cornfield

by Admin ECLink


April 22, 2015
How the deal got done: Amy Klobuchar's 'cornfield idea' saves anti-human trafficking bill

Washington (CNN)A month ago, the office of Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar was embarrassed when it was revealed that a staff member had learned of but failed to flag controversial abortion language that Republicans had quietly slipped into an otherwise popular and bipartisan anti-human trafficking bill.

The provision caused a major dust up between the parties, stalling the trafficking bill and further delaying the confirmation of Loretta Lynch to be attorney general.

But Klobuchar redeemed herself by coming up with the concept that broke the logjam and secured support from members on both sides of the always contentious abortion issue.

"It took some time. There was a lot of anger at the beginning on both sides," the second-term senator told reporters with pride in the Capitol Tuesday, shortly after an agreement was announced.

"When we went back for r... [more]


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