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November 2012


Oceanside Couple Accused of Human Trafficking

by Admin ECLink

NBC San Diego

November 30, 2012
Oceanside Couple Accused of Human Trafficking

A married couple in Oceanside was arrested on suspicion of human trafficking Thursday, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department confirmed.

Inez Martinez Garcia, 43, and her husband, Marcial Garcia Hernandez, 45, were arrested by officials as they left their home in Oceanside at around 7:20 a.m.

According to the sheriff's department, both suspects have been charged with 13 felony counts of aggravated assault of a child under 14 years old.
Marisa Ugarte of the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition, a non-profit that provides support to trafficking victims, said her organization brought the case to the Sheriff's Department because the victim wanted justice.

The alleged crimes happened in 2000.

The female victim in this case – who's now an adult – came forward with allegations of forced labor and physical and sexual abuse by the Oceanside couple.

Deputies say the investigation reveale... [more]


Helen Jean Singh Gets Nine Years in Prison for Tra

by Admin ECLink

SF Weekly

November 29, 2012
Helen Jean Singh Gets Nine Years in Prison for Trafficking Teenage Girls

Helen Jean Singh, 22, received nearly a decade in federal prison after she admitted to participating in a prolific sex trafficking conspiracy with her husband.

As part of a plea bargain, Singh accepted responsibility for trafficking and prostituting teenage girls in the East Bay of teenage females. A federal grand jury indicted Singh and her husband, Mahendar "Mike" Singh, in December, 2011. According to the Indictment, Mahendar Singh and Helen Singh recruited the girls and promised money, drugs, and a "family-like environment."

The couple maintained control over their victims by fostering a climate of fear; they gave them drugs, used physical force, and threatened to hurt them. They used the Internet to advertise their prostitution enterprise, which spanned from Sacramento County to multiple Bay Area counties.

The couple was arrested on Aug. 20, 2011, after the S... [more]


Chinese man sentenced to death for holding women i

by Admin ECLink


November 30, 2012
Chinese man sentenced to death for holding women in sex dungeon

Beijing (CNN) -- A Chinese man was sentenced to death Friday for holding six women as sex slaves in an underground lair and ordering the deaths of two of them, state media reported.

A court in Luoyang city convicted Li Hao on charges of murder, rape, organized prostitution, illegal detention and selling pornography, state-run Xinhua said.

Li, who is married with a young son, had worked for the technological supervision bureau in the city in Henan province.

The 35-year-old dug the dungeon in the basement of a residential compound he bought in 2009, the court heard, according to Xinhua.

He then used the underground room to hold women he tricked into coming to the property. Police investigations indicated the six were held captive for between two and 21 months.

Li repeatedly raped the women, forced them to appear in pornographic web shows from March to April 2011 and made the... [more]


Counselor Accused of Forcing Foster Child into Sex


IE Weekly

November 19, 2012
Counselor Accused of Forcing Foster Child into Sex Trade

So we were sitting around on a Sunday night, having procrastinated researching and writing this week's Watch Dog, wondering what we'd write about. A check through the ol‘ email account yielded a San Bernardino County District Attorney press release topped with this headline:


And just like that, we had our story.

District Attorney's investigators worked with the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force (RACHT) to arrest a man named Daron Lamar Whitworth, 42, and accused him of pimping—a lot of pimping.

Prosecutors filed 44 felony charges against Whitworth. Among them were human trafficking, pimping a minor under 16 years old, pandering by procuring a minor under 16, child abuse, procuring a child to engage in lewd acts, contacting a minor for a sexual offense, multiple counts of u... [more]


Second man charged in expansive child trafficking

by Admin ECLink

Q13 Fox

November 19, 2012
Second man charged in expansive child trafficking case arrested

TACOMA — Tacoma police arrested a 20-year-old man Saturday charged with second-degree human trafficking and other counts, the Tacoma News Tribune reported.

Jevante Taymar McCray and an accomplice, 21-year-old Isiah Martin, were charged in Pierce County Superior Court in November with trafficking and multiple counts of commercial sexual abuse of a minor. They are accused of prostituting at least six underage girls. McCray was arrested previously.

McCray and Martin were first contacted by Pomona, Calif., police in December when a 16-year-old approached police with injuries on her face. The girl said she had run away from home in Washington state and come to California with her “boyfriend” and one of his friends. She said that since coming to California they forced her to work as a prostitute, and demanded she give them any money she made, court records show. The 16-year-old girl ... [more]


Burmese, Thai tricked into prostitution

by Admin ECLink

Bangkok Post

November 19, 2012
Burmese, Thai tricked into prostitution

CHIANG MAI - The Anti-Human Trafficking Division (AHTD) on Monday arrested two women on suspicion of human trafficking after freeing Burmese girls and a Thai woman from prostitution.

Two Burmese, both 19, were promised jobs as seamstresses, but were sent to "Ms Gaew" in Chiang Mai province, authorities said

Ms Gaew then sent the young women to stay at an apartment in Bangkok with Thais identified only as Mrs Pairin and Mr Charin.

The girls were forced to work as prositutes in the Rama 9 area, to "pay back" a supposed indenture to the alleged traffickers of 50,000 baht. They were threatened with violence and kidnapping if they refused, police said.

Police arrested Mrs Pairin and Mr Charin through a sting operation, freeing another Burmese girl, 15, who also was force into prostitution. They said a man nicknamed "One" is also involved.

In a case that reached from Bangkok to Oman case, AHT... [more]


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