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January 2011


Human trafficking suspect deported to United State

by Admin ECLink


January 27, 2011
Human trafficking suspect deported to United States

New York (CNN) -- A top fugitive wanted by U.S. immigration officials on charges that include human trafficking, forced labor, alien smuggling, money laundering, extortion and conspiracy was arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Thursday, officials said.

Veniamin Gonikman, 55, was detained in Ukraine on Wednesday before being deported to the United States, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Ivan L. Ortiz-Delgado said in a written statement Thursday.

Gonikman is accused of forming a company with co-conspirators that facilitated the trafficking of Eastern European women in the U.S.

The statement said the company, Beauty Search Inc., was used to exploit and abuse women "by forcing them, through threats, coercion, and isolation, to work as exotic dancers for the economic benefit of the Beauty Search partners."

The women worked in strip clubs in Detroit, the stat... [more]


Father and son found guilty of sex-worker traffick

by Admin ECLink

Inside the M60

January 19, 2011
Father and son found guilty of sex-worker trafficking

A father and son have been found guilty of trafficking six women into Britain and forcing them to work as prostitutes.

Marius Nejloveanu, 23, and his father Bogdan Nejloveanu , 51, were both convicted yesterday on numerous counts at the end of a trial at Manchester Crown Court. They will be sentenced next week.

The Sexual Crime Unit (SCU) operated by Greater Manchester Police carried out its biggest-ever human trafficking investigation, codenamed Operation Pantin, in order to smash the trafficking gang headed by the pair.

In October 2008, the SCU learned that a victim of trafficking was being held at Shangri La's massage parlour on Ashton Old Road, Openshaw. Police officers rescued a 25-year-old woman, known as victim A.

Further information led officers to raid another house in Bordesley Green, Birmingham, where a 20-year-old woman (victim B) was rescued. Both victims had bee... [more]


Mafia smuggling people into Iran for begging

by Admin ECLink

The News International

January 18, 2011
Mafia smuggling people into Iran for begging

Taking advantage of their desperation, a large and powerful network is luring impoverished people with handicaps and transporting them to Iran where they are forced to beg in order to fill the pockets of the human trafficking mafia, The News has learnt.

Twenty-one-year-old Abdul Ghaffar, who was smuggled into Iran, has informed this correspondent that hundreds of handicapped Pakistanis are being smuggled into neighbouring Iran by the human traffickers. Abdul Ghaffar does not possess a national identity card, so obtaining a passport is completely out of the question.

He reveals that around six months ago, human traffickers lured him into their trap by promising that he could earn large amounts of money by working in Iran. They also told him that he would not be requiring a passport for this purpose.

Ghaffar, who is a resident of Khuda Ki Basti in Surjani Town, was crippled when... [more]


Facebook to track missing kids

by Admin ECLink

The Orange County Register

January 13, 2011
Facebook to track missing kids

Facebook users can get bulletins of missing children on their newsfeeds now that the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has partnered with Facebook to distribute localized AMBER alerts.

The AMBER Alert program a voluntary partnership involving law-enforcement agencies and broadcasters - has been credited with the safe recovery of 525 children nationwide.

A total of 53 new AMBER Alert Pages have been created, one for each state, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia.

"With more than 500 million Facebook users this bold initiative will help us mobilize many more people and bring more missing children home," said Ernie Allen, President of Missing Children Center.

The announcement of this partnership was made the day before the 15th anniversary of the abduction and murder of 9-year-old Amber Hagerman, namesake of the national AMBER Alert Program.

C... [more]


Human trafficking victim tells Pinellas...

by Admin ECLink

St. Petersburg Times

January 12, 2011
Human trafficking victim tells Pinellas gathering of her abuse

BELLEAIR The 20-year-old woman with the bright eyes and curly brown hair was dancing at a Miami strip club when she met him.

She had been sexually abused as a child growing up in foster care and yearned for love, affection, attention.

He gave it to her, at first.

She agreed to move with him to Cleveland. The first night in the new city, the man told her to change her clothes. He had a job for her to do.

"That night changed my life," she said.

For the next four years, the woman was forced to prostitute herself in cars, alleyways and cheap motels.

The woman, whom the St. Petersburg Times is not identifying, shared her story with a rapt audience of about 125 people Tuesday at a fundraising luncheon for the International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators at the Belleair Country Club. Law enforcement authorities at the fundraiser say the woman's... [more]


Woman Wanted For Planning To Transport People..

by Admin ECLink

Hartford Courant

January 10, 2011
Woman Wanted For Planning To Transport People For Prostitution Stopped At Casino

MONTVILLE A woman wanted for conspiracy to commit human trafficking faces federal prosecution after being spotted gambling at the Mohegan Sun casino, state police said.

State police casino detectives found An Soon Kim on the gaming floor of Casino of the Earth Friday, they said. Casino security personnel had alerted them that she was using her Mohegan Sun Players Club Card.

Casino security and state police had been looking for Kim since a casino worker saw her on the America's Most Wanted television show Dec. 9, state police said. The slot floor manager had recognized her as a woman who frequents the casino and told Mohegan Sun Security.

Detectives from state police casino unit advised security workers to let them know as soon as she visits the casino again.

When that happened Friday, Kim was taken into custody, state police said. In addition to... [more]


Senator Boxer: Raising Awareness About Human..

by Admin ECLink

Official Website of Senator Boxer

January 4, 2011
Senator Boxer: Raising Awareness About Human Trafficking

Dear Friend:

January 11th is the National Day of Human Trafficking Awareness, a nationwide observance established by Congress to increase awareness about and opposition to human trafficking.

Millions of individuals are trafficked each year, including an increasing number in the United States. They are coerced, transported, and bought and sold for sex work and other exploitative purposes. Traffickers often use rape, threats, and physical violence to control their victims.

I have long been working to stop human trafficking. I was an original co-sponsor of legislation that reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act, which includes a provision allowing victims of trafficking to come to the United States to begin rebuilding their lives. I also strongly supported reauthorization of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act, which established prog... [more]


Man Accused of Forcing 13-Year-Old to Work...

by Admin ECLink

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

January 7, 2011
Man Accused of Forcing 13-Year-Old to Work as Prostitute

Nick Koudis Irving police arrested a 31-year-old Garland man Wednesday on human trafficking charges in the disappearance of an Irving girl last month.

Kenzie Lecarey Nelson is charged with trafficking of a person younger than 18, compelling prostitution and three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Police said he took 13-year-old runway to Dallas and forced her into prostitution last month.

The girl disappeared Dec. 13 after she was seen in the company of two 20-year-old men. She returned home early Dec. 21 after a Good Samaritan gave her a ride home from Dallas.

The two men she allegedly left with, Humberto Corona and Todge Thurman, were arrested Dec. 20 and face charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child. They were originally arrested on suspicion of unlawful restraint, but those charges were later dropped.

Irving police said they are continuin... [more]


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