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Today is Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

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Are inspections required during the course of construction?
This information is intended for public information purposes only. It summarizes and omits some provisions. It is not intended to be construed or used as an official Development Ordinance interpretation in any legal proceedings. The State of New Jersey requires the building department to conduct the following minimum field inspections; footing, foundation, electrical rough, plumbing rough, framing, insulation, plumbing final, electrical final, fire final and building final inspections.

Can I do my own work?
You can do your own building, electrical and plumbing work ONLY in your owner occupied, single family, detached dwelling. All permit and inspections are required. Plumbing, Electrical and Fire Alarm contractors are required to have a State License. All Home Improvement Contractors are required to be registered with the State. Ask for proof of the required license or registration.


Can I get my dog or cat a free rabies shot?
Yes, there is a free clinic every January. Call the Borough Clerk’s office for date (908) 665-1400.

How can I fill out a Customer Satisfaction Survey?
Just click on the following link, complete the fields and submit the form. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY


Do I need a permit for a garage sale?
No. However, if you post signs around the Borough, they must be taken down immediately at the close of your garage sale. Additionally, you may not block off any municipal street or roadway to conduct your garage sale.

Where can I get information about train station parking permits?
Information about train station parking can be found at:


Where can I buy a gift certificate for New Providence shops?
Gift Certificates can be purchased at Prudential NJ Realtors on the corner of the Village Shopping Center driveway and Springfield Ave.or at the Chamber of Commerce in Summit. The Chamber of Commerce number is (908) 522-1700.

Where can I obtain a hunting or fishing license?
Hunting and fishing licenses are sold at the following locations in our area: The Sports Authority Springfield 973-376-3800 Kmart N. Plainfield 908-561-7050 Wal-Mart Union 908-624-0644 Wal-Mart Watchung 908-756-1925 or on-line through the State’s Division of Fish and Wildlife website:

NP Alliance

How can we prevent kids from drinking at another home?
The simplest way is to know where your child is, and confirm with the parents at that home. A simple phone call will either confirm that it is an innocent get together, or catch the kids planning an unsupervised party.

Will the police have absolute authority to enter private property to investigate a suspected underage drinking party?
No. An investigation is initiated by a complaint from a concerned citizen or an officer’s observation that underage drinking is taking place on private or public property. The police respond and if they see probable cause (such as intoxicated teens and/or evidence of alcohol consumption on the property) or a situation involving a medical/safety issues, they act.

May I serve alcohol to my son/daughter at home, at a special event, or at a religious observance?
Yes. The ordinance does not apply if a child under the legal age consumes alcohol in the presence of and with the permission of a parent/guardian or in connection with a religious observance.

What are the penalties for violating this ordinance?
A fine of $250 for a first offense and $350 for subsequent offenses. In addition, driving privileges may be suspended or postponed for 6 months.

Does a violation of this ordinance constitute an “arrest” on one’s record?
No. An individual found to be in violation of this ordinance would be issued a municipal ordinance violation ticket, similar to that issued for a parking violation. This does not constitute an arrest.

Will the individual’s name be published in the police report in the newspaper?
The names of juveniles under 18 years of age are prohibited from being published.

What is the Community Caretaking Exception and does it serve the same purpose as the Ordinance.
No. The Community Caretaking Exception gives the police the authority to enter a private residence without a warrant if there is suspicion of a medical emergency or other imminent threat to public safety. The Ordinance exists to give police the opportunity to intervene before an emergency or tragedy occurs. Please see the accompanying link about an incident that occurred in town where the Community Caretaking Exception was invoked. Caretaking Example


How can I get Planning Board and/or Board of Adjustment (aka Zoning Board) information?
Planning Board information and applications can be obtained from the Planning Board Secretary (908) 665-1400, and Board of Adjustment information and applications can be obtained from the Board of Adjustment Secretary (908) 665-1129.

Public Health Nurse

Does the Borough conduct Well Child Clinics for residents? What other public health services does the Borough provide?
The Borough of New Providence is affiliated with the Westfield Regional Health Department, located at 425 E. Broad Street in Westfield, NJ, office #(908) 743-1049. Well Child Clinics are conducted regularly with a scheduled appointment at the Westfield Health Department for Borough children, ages 2 months to 18 years of age. Physical Exams and state recommended immunizations are administered by a practicing Pediatrician and a nursing staff free of charge to those residents who currently are not covered by any medical benefits. The Borough also provides the services of a Public Health Nurse, located on the third floor of the Municipal Building, 360 Elkwood Avenue, New Providence, phone # (908) 743-1049. Office hours are normally Tuesday through Thursday from 8:30am-3:00pm. The Public Health Nurse provides free blood pressure screening to residents in the office, as well as visits to the home for those residents who are homebound and in need of special services, and require assistance with referrals to county or state run programs. The PHN conducts various senior citizen health programs (e.g. cardiovascular, cholesterol, glucose screening, etc.) and the yearly Senior Citizens Health Fair, held in conjunction with the New Providence Senior Citizen Center. The PHN performs school audits, investigates and reports on cases of infectious disease. There is one yearly Flu Clinic held for residents in the Borough, as well as other Flu Clinic sites within the Westfield Regional Health Department area. Information on the yearly Flu Clinics are publicized in the early Fall, usually in Septemeber or October depending on the current vaccine suppply. The clinic details will be publicized on the Borough website, local TV channel 35 and the local newspapers.


When must sidewalks be shoveled?
Borough Ordinance 225-5 requires that ice and snow be removed from all sidewalks within 24 hours of the completion of the snow producing event.

May I park in the Rail Road Parking Lots?
Quarterly or annual permits are available to New Providence residence in the Borough Clerks Office. Daily parking (metered spots) for non-permit holders is available on a limited basis in the Murray Hill Rail Road Lot. THERE IS NO METER PARKING AT THE NEW PROVIDENCE RR PARKING LOT. Permits are required and enforcement is on a daily basis.

How long does it take to get a firearms permit?
Background investigations are required. The length of time depends on a number of factors, including fingerprint background checks, whether you are a previous applicant, how quickly your references return the reference letters, and how quickly the mental health forms are returned from the county. All forms are available at the police desk 24/7

Can I park my car on the street overnight?
Parking is prohibited on all streets and borough owned property between the hours of 2-5 am. In unusual circumstances, such as overnight guests or driveway repairs, you may call the police desk and request permission to park overnight.

Can I reserve a park for a party or barbecue and serve alcohol?
Yes, parks can be reserved through the Recreations Department. Permits for beer consumption at Oakwood Park may be issued by the Chief of Police upon application

What about crime prevention?
The New Providence Police Department has a crime prevention unit. Officers can assist with home security surveys and other crime prevention matters. Please call the police desk to be connected with someone who can assist.

Can I have a block party?
Permits are available when traffic conditions permit. Contact the police desk for an application or visit the "forms & Documents" section of the site to download the street closure form. Requests must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the event.

When can I be fingerprinted?
Fingerprinting is available to borough residents every Tuesday from 9:00 am to 10:00 am and Thursday from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

Can I arrange for a tour of the police department?
Tours are given to groups such as cub scouts, after care programs or day care centers. Please call the police desk, (908) 665-1111 to make arrangements.

Do I need a permit to canvass or solicit?
Yes. Persons soliciting without a permit are subject to arrest.

Do I need a permit for a garage sale?
No. However, if you post signs around the borough, they must be taken down immediately at the close of your garage sale. Additionally, you may not block off any municipal street or roadway to conduct your garage sale.

How do I get a street light that is out fixed?
All residents are strongly encouraged to please report burned out street lights, or lights on all day long, by calling the customer service telephone number on your own individual electric bill or go to Report the utility pole number (Example: NP786E) found on the tag at “eye height,” and its location (Example: corner of Livingston Avenue and Fourth Street or # XYZ Springfield Avenue).

How early and late in the day are landscapers allowed to work?
Noise restrictions apply during the following times: Non-commercial or non-industrial power tools and landscaping and yard maintenance equipment shall not be operated between the hours of 8:00 pm and 8:00 am on weekdays, 6:00 pm and 9:00 am on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, unless such activities can meet the applicable limits set forth in the Borough noise ordinance. All motorized equipment used in these activities shall be operated with a muffler. At all other times, the limits set forth in the Borough Noise Ordinance do not apply to non-commercial or non-industrial power tools and landscaping and yard maintenance equipment. Commercial or industrial power tools and landscaping and yard maintenance equipment, excluding emergency work, shall not be operated on a residential property or within 250 feet of a residential property line when operated on commercial or industrial property, between the hours of 6:00 pm and 8:00 am on weekdays, or between the hours of 6:00 pm and 9:00 am on Saturdays, and is prohibited on Sundays and Federal holidays, unless such activities can meet the limits set forth in the Borough's Noise Ordinance.

Do I need a permit to take down a tree?
Yes, permits are required for all trees that are taken down. The fee is $10 per tree. Contact the Borough Clerk’s office for a permit application. If more than three trees are being requested to be taken down, the application must be forwarded to the Borough Engineer for approval. If trees have been taken down previously on the property, they count toward the three trees.

Public Works/Engineering

Can I connect my sump pump to my sewer pipe, or pump it into the washbasin?
Connection of sump pumps to the sanitary sewer is illegal. When your sump pump is connected to the sanitary sewer system, that water has to be treated because it combines with sewage. This unnecessarily increasing the flow into the treatment plant and increases the cost of treatment. All sump pumps should be piped to the street, preferably into the storm sewer, to keep treatment plant cost down.

What are my options for leaf collection?
1.) Place leaves in open containers or paper bags and place at curbside for Monday pickup. (Grass, Brush, and Leaves are collected every monday through December 6th) OR 2.) Have your landscaper pickup your leaves. Your landscaper is responsible for the disposal of leaves. OR 3.) Purchase a permit for curbside leaf vacuuming.


Do I have to be a resident to participate in recreation classes/programs?
Non-residents may participate, providing that there are still spaces available after residents have registered.


Do I have to be a member to come to the Center?
We welcome all those ages 55 and over to use the Center - membership is not required. All who visit are encouraged to complete an emergency contact card and, if desired, a registration card to become a member.

Can I get help with Medicare Part D?
Yes. Contact S.H.I.P. (Senior Health Insurance Professionals) at 908-273-6999, or or Have a list of your medications available so that they can help determine which program is best for you.

How I become a member of the Senior Citizens Club, and are there any dues?
Members must be New Providence residents and ages 55+. To join, one simply completes membership and emergency contact cards. There is no cost to join, but those who are not members may be subject to additional charges for some trips, events and activities.

Is the Public Health Nurse available at the Center?
Janice Gironda, New Providence Public Health Nurse, is typically at the Center on Wednesdays at 9:30AM for blood pressure readings, and visits for other programs and events. Her office is at the Municipal Center, and she may be contacted at 908-743-1049.

Is there a transportation service for seniors?
The Senior Citizens bus can transport seniors to activities and events. Requests for rides must be made in advance by calling the Center at 908-665-0046. The bus is also used by the Club for trips and outings. The Colonial Crossroads chapter of the Red Cross (908-273-2076) and the Union County Paratransit (973-538-0427) are available to take seniors to doctors appointments. Requests for their services should be made approximately two weeks in advance.

Is there senior housing in New Providence?
Yes - Elisabeth Barabash Manor at 101 Academy Street. Please contact Ray Cooney at 908-464-6131 for more information.

Can I get assistance with preparing my tax returns?
Free income tax return preparation assistance is available for residents with low to moderate incomes, ages 60+ at the Senior Center. Qualified AARP volunteers are at the Center from mid-February through April 15. Those who qualify who do their own returns can make an appointment to have it reviewed.

Does the Center maintain a list of caregivers?
The is no standing list of caregivers, however some do contact the Center when they are available. Please contact the Center at 908-665-0046.

Is a Social Worker available to assist seniors?
SAGE in Summit, a seniors service provider, employs social worker Ellen McNally who is available to New Providence seniors when help is needed.

What is the File of Life, and how can seniors get one?
This is a program that documents important medical information on a special card that can be used in an emergency. After recording this information, the card is put in a magnetized envelope and place in a prominent spot on the front of the refrigerator door, making it available for emergency personnel. The New Providence Fire, Police and Rescue Squads are aware of the program and have found it very helpful. Please call Janice Gironda, New Providence Public Health Nurse, at 908-743-1049 to set up an appointment.

Is there a medical alert program in New Providence?
The Berkeley Heights Rotary has extended their program to New Providence seniors. (MORE)


Are there any property tax discounts for senior citizens/veterans?
Senior citizens, disabled seniors and veterans may be eligible for a deduction. If eligible, this deduction is reflected in the yearly property tax bill. For more detailed information regarding eligibility, call the Tax Assessor (908) 665-1400 x228.

Can I pay my taxes through my personal online banking/bill pay?
Yes. The mailing address should be set up as the following: Tax Collector 360 Elkwood Avenue New Providence, NJ 07974 (Please note block and lot or account # somewhere on your check) The better option would be to pay online through our website. Most people do not realize that when using online bill pay through their personal bank, days can go by before the Borough actually receives payment. The bank will immediately debit your account, but then prints and mails a physical check to the Borough. This can take several days depending on where the check is mailed from. Payment could get lost in the mail or take several days to get to our office which could result in late charges. If you wish to pay online through our website click on the "Online Payment Center" tab on the left side of the homepage or go to the Tax Collector page for more details.

What is the property tax reimbursement program for seniors? (Also known as "Property Tax Freeze Program")
The Property Tax Reimbursement is a program administered by the State of NJ. Please click on link below for more details. State of NJ Dept. of Taxation

What are the responsibilities of aTax Assessor?
The assessor is responsible to the citizens of the taxing district for the fair assessment of all property in order that the tax burden be distributed equitably. The assessor is also responsible for updating property ownership, various property tax deductions. The assessor supervises the maintenance and preparation of lists, records and reports as supervised by the County Tax Administrator and the Division of Taxation.

How can I claim a senior citizen and/or veteran property tax reimbursement?
The senior citizen and veteran (including widow of a veteran) property tax reimbursements are $250 for each. Applications are available at the Tax Assessor’s Office. For more information – including eligibility requirements – please visit the New Jersey Division of Taxation. The deadline for applying for these deductions is Dec. 31. Forms for each are available at the Tax Assessor’s

May I file a tax appeal because my taxes are too high?
Tax appeals should be filed if you believe your assessment overstates market value. How much taxes or comparing assessment values are not a basis to file a tax appeal.

May I file a tax appeal with the Tax Assessor’s Office; and what is the deadline to file an appeal?
An appeal form must be filed with the Union County Board of Taxation. Copies are to be sent to the assessor’s office and the clerk’s office. A taxpayer may check with the assessor’s office for the availability of tax appeal forms. Appeals must be received by April 1.

I agree with the land assessment but I disagree with the building assessment; can I appeal one but not the other?
Whether or not you agree/disagree with land/building assessment, you can only appeal the total assessment value.

Do property taxes have to be paid if an appeal is filed?
Taxes must be current through the first and second quarter of billing. If taxes are not current, the appeal will be denied.

May tax appeals be settled before the hearing?
In many instances, an attempt to resolve the valuation issue may occur. Should an agreement be reached a settlement stipulation will be presented to the county board by the assessor. The property owner need not be present the day of the hearing. The Union County Board of Taxation will issue a judgment indicating revised assessment. However, if an opinion of value cannot be reached by both parties, an appearance will be necessary to resolve the matter.

I received an increase in assessment even though I did not obtain a certificate of occupancy; why?
A general misconception is that an assessment will not increase if a certificate of occupancy has not been issued. “Any addition or renovation is complete when it is ready for its intended purpose. This does not mean that the structure actually must be “in use;” it is taxable when it is ready “for use.”

Will an assessment increase if there is no additional living space added?
Any improvement(s) that increase the market value of a property may increase the assessed value. The following are typical improvements that could affect the assessed value of your property: • Addition/Garage • Vinyl/Aluminum Siding • Renovations of kitchens / bathrooms • Central Air • Fireplaces



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