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Are you new to Moon and looking for some resources?
Welcome to Moon! Visit ourNew Residents Guide for more information about the Township.

How do I contact a township department?
Visit the Moon Township Administration contact page.

Who collects taxes?
The Township Administration Office does not have any tax records. Please contact Jordan Tax Service at 412.835.5243 or 724.731.2300 regarding 2012 Wage Tax questions. Contact Keystone Municipal Services at 724.978.0300 for 2011 Wage Tax questions. Contact the Real Estate Tax Office at 412.299.7446 for property tax questions.

I have a complaint about road conditions. How should I report it?
If it is an emergency, please call 911. If not, please us the "Citizen Request System" link on the Moon Township website, Please include contact information including an email address so you can track the progress of your request.

When does Moon Township collect leaves and tree branches?
Moon Township Public Works collects leaves, yard waste, and tree branches, curbside in the spring and in the fall November 2-December 4, 2020. Visit the Moon Township web site for more details. The schedule follows residents’ regular garbage collection. Simply place items at the curb by 7 a.m. on pickup day. Residents are asked to put leaves in biodegradable paper bags. No plastic bags or boxes will be accepted. Biodegradable paper bags can be purchased at any home improvement store. The Public Works Department also offers tree limb dropoff year round. Dropoff is open at Downes Fire Station located near the intersection of Beaver Grade Road and Ewing Road between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Tree branches should not exceed six feet in length and four inches in diameter and should not be bundled or tied. The township asks that residents do not discard of any materials at the composting site after hours unless special arrangements have been made with the township. To schedule a dropoff during non-operating hours, contact the Moon Township Administration Office at 412.262.1700.

Where can I get information on Moon Parks & Recreation?
Visit the Moon Parks and Recreation website at

Can a township resident have recreational fires?
Township residents are permitted to have small recreational fires without a permit from the Fire Marshal's office as long as the fires fit the following conditions: 1. Shall be utilized for camp fires or to cook food for human consumption. 2. Shall be no bigger than 3 feet across and the flames shall not reach more than 3 feet in height. 3. The area should be cleared of all combustible materials. 4. A source of water shall be available; garden house, fire extinguishers, filled buckets. 5. Fires should not be started before 7 a.m. and must be extinguished before 12:01 a.m. 6. The fire should be at least 20 feet from nearest building. 7. No green wood or high smoke producing materials may be used for burning. No building materials may be used. Only clean, dry wood may be used for fuel. Permits for any other outdoor fires that do not fit these conditions must be obtained from the Allegheny Health Department, Bureau of Air Pollution. The Moon Township Police Department is responsible for enforcement of these recreational fire regulations. If there are conditions existing that the officer determines to be unsafe, the resident may be asked to extinguish the fire.

I am starting to plan for a home improvement project. Who should I talk to?
Feel free to review the checklist requirements for your project on the Building Inspection Department portion of the website or contact Dave Meinert or Lora Dombrowski.

Is a permit required for deck, shed, detached garage, sunroom, pool, etc.?
Yes, a permit is required for all improvements except at ground level. Even if it is to replace or repair an existing structure or parts of a structure, a permit is required. Visit the Permits and Inspections page.

Do I need a permit to erect a fence?
A building permit is required for a fence over 6’ in height and for a fence around a swimming pool. Other fences under 6’ in height may be installed up to the property line on the side and rear property lines. Fences in the front yard are required to be setback 22’ from the edge of the street pavement. Fences in the front yard on a corner lot may require additional setbacks for the sight distance of traveling vehicles. Call the Moon Township Community Development with any questions, 412-262-1700” Before you dig, please contact PA One Call at 800.242.1776. Visit

How long does it take to obtain a residential permit for a deck or shed ?
If the permit application is complete and was submitted with all the necessary documents, a permit is typically issued within a week of the submittal.

I want to widen my driveway. What do I need to know?
The width the driveway apron in the road right of way is 18 feet maximum. Please contact Dave Meinert for more information and standard details.

I want to build a retaining wall. Do I need a permit and are there regulations?
Walls that are more than 30 inches in height are regulated in the Building Code and Zoning Ordinances. A permit is required and must meet the setback requirements of a structure. Walls less than 30 inches are considered landscape walls and do not require a permit. Walls are not permitted to be located in the road right-of-way.

I would like to install a decorative mailbox or brick column at the end of my driveway. Do I need a permit?
Brick mailboxes and similar structures are not permitted in the road right of way. A 4x4 wood post is permitted for your mailbox.

What is the status of a development that is proposed or being considered in Moon Township?
Please contact Rachael Richter in the Community Development Department for the most current status.

What hours can contractors and residents work on developments?
The Township Zoning Ordinance prohibits the use of construction equipment and construction/excavation machinery between the hours of 9 p.m. to 7 a.m., Monday through Saturday, all day on Sunday, and on Federally designated legal holidays.

What are the various township fees?
What are the various township fees? • Residential Building Permit: $0.32 x area square foot of project plus $4.50 for the State. • Minimum fee for decks and sheds: $45 • In ground/above ground pools and spas: $54 • Commercial Occupancy Permit/Zoning Certificate: $50 • Residential Demolition: $105 • Commercial Demolition: $305 plus bond • Rental Inspection: $20 per single family dwelling unit; $50 for 11 or more dwelling units/annual rental inspection • Zoning Hearing Board Application Deposit: $300 • Lien Letter: $15 • For other fees, refer to Resolution R-5. Visit the
permits and inspections page for more information.

When to place a PA One Call? Do I have to call if I am digging on my own property?
Yes, you are required to inform the utilities of any type of work involving the movement of earth with powered equipment. Call before you dig. 800.242.1776. Visit

Who should make the call?
The person who is doing the digging should place the one call notification. If you are a homeowner and you've hired an excavator to do the work, the excavator is required by law to call to have lines located.

How deep must I dig before I am required to call?
If you are digging with powered equipment, the person operating the equipment must call. It does not matter how deep you are digging or where you are digging within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Call before you dig. 800.242.1776. Visit

I have tires that I would like to recycle. Where can I take them?
Moon Township hosts an Annual Recycling Day on the first Saturday in June every year. At that event there are venders that collect tires, electronics, appliances and reusable construction material. Please contact Lora Dombrowski with any questions.

I have electronics to recycle. Where can I take them?
The township has several collections throughout the year. Please check the website and newsletter for specific dates. The events are held in the Municipal Building parking lot at 1000 Beaver Grade Road. Also, Municipal Authority customers have At Your Door service Moon Hazard Waste pickup.pdf ( Also Pennsylvania Resource Council (PRC) hosts several collection events. Please check their website at for the latest information.

How do you dispose of the 4-ft long fluorescent light tubes?
You can call Waste Management. Moon residents with Waste Management services have access to the “At Your Door” program. You can schedule a pickup and they will provide you with a date and information where to place the kit for collection. A kit will be sent to your home in plenty of time for you to gather and pack your materials. This program picks up a litany of materials that you should not or can not put in your weekly trash pickup. Fluorescent tubes and CFL are included. Call 1-800-449-7587, go to or email

Where can residents recycle items that are not suitable to pour down the drain (such as old liquid fertilizer, insect killers, etc.) and old flares from a car emergency kit?
Please refer to for your household hazardous waste disposal needs. This website has an extensive list of resources of where to dispose of items plus they will organize hazardous waste collections events throughout the year. The closest one to Moon Township is at Settlers Ridge County Park.

I have a question about weekly trash and recycling pick up. Who do I call?
Please contact the Moon Township Municipal Authority at 412.264.4300.

Where can I obtain a new recycling bin?
Please contact the Moon Township Municipal Authority at 412.264.4300.

What time is waste collection permitted to begin throughout the township?
Solid waste collection and recyclable material collection is permitted to begin at 7 a.m. throughout the township. Collection may start on the major roads at 6 a.m. The Moon Township Municipal Authority receives a resident complaint several times a year that the trash collectors have started work too soon. The MTMA thanks the customer for the information and ask that they call again should this problem continue. The MTMA then will advise the site manager for the hauler of the street involved, the time of collection and whether it was the trash or recycle truck. The manager then can hold the driver for that route accountable for the infraction. The MTMA rarely receives the same complaint from the same resident. In accordance with contract, collection of all Municipal Waste and Recyclable Materials may begin at 6 a.m. on the following roads due to high density traffic: University Boulevard and certain portions of Beaver Grade, Thorn Run, Flaugherty Run, Ewing, Coraopolis Heights and Brodhead Roads. Customers should call the Moon Township Municipal Authority at 412.264.4300 to report early collections rather than contacting Waste Management. The MTMA has direct access to the site manager who supervises the employees involved.

Where do I find alarm permit information?
Moon Township Ordinance #402 requires that any property owner, lessee of property or person otherwise occupying a premises within Moon Township obtain a permit before putting or allowing to be put into operation any alarm device on that premises. This is not restricted to alarms that notify a second party but also includes alarms that can be seen or heard by a member of the public. Non-compliance to this ordinance can result in a $500 fine per offense. Visit for more information.

How do I obtain Moon Township Police Department report and photo copies?
Copies of police reports and incident related digital images can be obtained from our department, Monday - Thursday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Friday 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. It is advised that you call in advance to ensure that the reports are complete and that the materials requested are available. Contact the Moon Township Police Department at 412.262.5000. For more information visit

How do I obtain a Solicitation Permit?
Except for those who are exempt, soliciting permits are required for all individuals going upon residential property within the Township of Moon to peddle/solicit. Exempt individuals or organizations include children under 18 years of age soliciting or peddling on behalf of a non-profit, school or governmental organization; persons soliciting on behalf of a non-profit or neighborhood organization for either donations to, or membership in, such organization; persons peddling donated merchandise on behalf of a non-profit organization where the proceeds of the sale are used for a charitable purpose; and persons peddling on behalf of a religious organization where the proceeds of the sale are used to support such organization or for a charitable purpose. For more information visit

I am going away for a few days, how do I put my home on Moon Police Department's house watch?
If you are planning to be away from home for an extended period of time you can place your home on the Moon Township Police house check list. This does not replace other security measures that should take to protect your home. It does inform our officers that you are away and when possible they will check the exterior of your residence to ensure that it is secure. Vacant homes for sale or remodel can also be placed on the list. For more information on how to add your home to the list visit

How do I schedule an appointment for a child seat inspection or installation?
To schedule an appointment for an inspection or installation, contact the Moon Police Department by phone 412.262.5000 or email at For more information visit

How do I use the Moon Police Department's fingerprint services?
The Moon Township Police Department provides fingerprint services to the public as follows: • It is suggested that you call to schedule fingerprinting. • Allow sufficient time because fingerprinting is dependent on the availability of the officers on duty. Emergency and certain other calls will take priority over fingerprinting. • We do not do fingerprinting for immigration and naturalization processing. • Fingerprinting will not be done without valid photo identification. • Please bring all necessary cards with you. We do not provide fingerprint cards. • Fingerprint services are free to residents of Moon Township. Please bring proof of residence. EFFECTIVE 01/07/10 THE MOON TOWNSHIP POLICE DEPARTMENT WILL ONLY PROCESS FINGER PRINT CARDS FOR RESIDENTS OF THE TOWNSHIP OF MOON, EMPLOYEES OF RESIDENT BUSINESSES AT THE REQUEST OF THAT BUSINESS AND RESIDENT U.S. MILITARY RESERVATIONS. To check on the availability of fingerprint services, call our dispatch center at 412.262.5000. For more information visit

How to I report an abandoned vehicle to the Moon Police Department?
If a vehicle meets the criteria of the PA Vehicle Code and is reported to our department, we will leave an Abandoned Vehicle Notice Sticker on the window of the vehicle that gives the vehicle owner notice that the vehicle must be removed within seven days. If the vehicle owner fails to remove the vehicle within that seven day period, the vehicle will be removed by the Moon Township Police Department at the cost of the vehicle owner. Vehicles illegally parked on private property may be removed immediately at the property owner's request. To report an abandoned vehicle call our dispatch center at 412.262.5000. For a list of the criteria of the PA Vehicle Code Abandon Vehicle visit

Does the Moon Township Volunteer Fire Company offer fire extinguisher training?
The Moon Township Volunteer Fire Company offers fire extinguisher training to small groups and organizations. Sessions include a brief lecture and hands-on training teaching each participant how to evaluate whether or not to fight a fire with an extinguisher and how to operate a portable fire extinguisher safely and effectively. Contact MTVFC Chief, John Scott, at 412.262.1700 ext. 435 for more information and to schedule a training session. Fire extinguisher training is free; however, donations to the MTVFC are greatly appreciated.

What happens if my yard is damaged by a township snowplow?
The goal of the Public Works Department during plowing operations is to clear the roadway of snow from curb to curb (mailbox to mailbox), this includes all the cul-de-sacs in the township. During this operation, plow drivers push the snow up onto the grassy area behind the curb. At times, there may be some yard damage done to these areas. If this occurs, we ask that residents report the incident to the township administration office at 412.262.1700. Public Works crews will roll back the sod, if possible, and make permanent repairs in the spring when the snow melts. This request also applies to any asphalt or concrete curbs along the roadways or parking lots maintained by the township.

What happens if my mailbox is damaged by a township snowplow?
In all cases, Moon Township Public Works tries to avoid damage to anyone’s property. Mailboxes are placed in the township’s legal right-of-way; Moon Township is not liable for damage to them caused by snow removal operations. Moon Township repairs or replaces only mailboxes and/or posts that are actually struck by the plow blades or damaged by impact from the plow truck itself. Usually, a paint mark or truck tire tracks supply evidence of a mailbox strike. Moon Township does not repair or replace mailboxes and/or posts that fall from the force of plowed snow. Mailboxes and supporting post must be installed to withstand the rigors of snow removal, including the force of snow pushed from the street onto the road edge. Please contact the Moon Township Administration Office at 412.262.1700 if you have a plow damaged mailbox and a representative from the Public Works Department will investigate. Moon Township and PennDOT allow property owners to place mailboxes within the limits of the legal right-of-way; because mailboxes are within the right-of-way, damages are the responsibility of the property owner. To help avoid damage, be sure your mailbox has a strong support and use reflective tape or other material to make it easier to see during storms or dark hours. View PennDOT’s winter services guide including information on installing a cantilevered mailbox support at

How should I stay informed during winter weather emergencies?
• SwiftReach 911: Moon Township Police Department uses SwiftReach Reverse 911 to keep residents informed through phone calls in the event of an emergency or urgent notification. Sign up today at to receive winter weather and related notifications. Both landline and cell phone numbers can be registered. • Township Office: For questions related to snow removal or other maintenance services, please call the Moon Township Administration Office at 412.262.1700. • MCA-TV: Tune in to Moon Community Access Television on Comcast channel 14 or Verizon Fios channel 35 for local updates, including cancellations and delays. • Local News: In the event of a power outage, keep a battery-powered radio at home to tune in to local news stations for information. The township also posts cancellations on local news websites. Residents should keep smartphones charged for internet access, recharge phones by use of a car charger if a vehicle is in safe reach. • PennDOT: Check road conditions for interstates and some limited-access highways at or call 511 for PennDOT updates.

What are the township's regulations and recommendations for the winter weather season?
Moon Township residents, property owners, and business owners are reminded of the following township regulations and recommendations for the winter weather season. • Drivers should have good tires on their vehicle, know how to brake in slippery conditions, and be aware of changing road conditions. Peak traffic problems are between 4 and 8 a.m. and between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. • Cars are not permitted to park on township roads during a snow event or between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. any day of the week, year round. Vehicles may be ticketed or towed that do not obey this ordinance. • Do not plow or shovel snow from driveways, parking lots, or sidewalks onto the street; this is a violation of state law and township ordinance. • Remove portable basketball hoops, hockey nets, and any other obstructions from public roadways, cul-de-sacs, and township right-of-ways. • Trim trees so that branches do not extend beyond the curb. • Do not allow children to build snow forts or play in packed snow along the edge of the road or cul-de-sacs. • Never allow children to play in or on snow-covered streets or in the mounds of snow left by snowplows, it is extremely difficult for snowplow drivers to see them. • Although maintained by the Municipal Authority, as a safety measure for the township, clear snow on and around fire hydrants in the event of snowfall. • To help reduce the amount of snow that will be pushed back into your driveway during snow plow operations, when shoveling driveways pile snow near the road on the right side of the driveway (when facing the street). • Residents who live in neighborhoods with sidewalks are required to clear snow from the sidewalks in front of their home. • Place garbage cans and recycling bins back in the driveway entrance to avoid spillage. Questions pertaining to garbage collection should be addressed to the Municipal Authority at 412.264.4300. • Do not shovel snow in a manner that blocks the view of oncoming traffic for motorists.

When and where can I drop off tree limbs?
The Public Works Department offers tree limb dropoff year round. Dropoff is open at Downes Fire Station located near the intersection of Beaver Grade Road and Ewing Road on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tree branches should not exceed six feet in length and four inches in diameter and should not be bundled or tied. The township asks that residents do not discard of any materials at the composting site after hours unless special arrangements have been made with the township. To schedule a drop off during non-operating hours contact the Moon Township Administration Office at 412.262.1700.

Where can American flags be properly disposed of to be burned?
Moon Township collects United States flags for disposal. The Boy Scouts have an annual burning ceremony every year. Regardless of the size, they need to have all the shafts removed and be packaged in plastic bags. They can be dropped off at the Public Safety Building or at the Township Administration Office both located at 1000 Beaver Grade Road (the buildings are directly across from one another, separated by the Moon Township Memorial Garden); the Fire Marshal will be notified to pick them up at these locations.

Where can I view the program schedule for Moon Community Access Television?
The program schedule for MCA-TV is located here.



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