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Political Sign Regulations

TO: Village President, Board of Trustees and Candidates
FROM: Michael S. Garrigan, AICP, CNU-A, Community Development Director
DATE: February 1, 2017
SUBJECT: Political Signage

Staff is taking this opportunity to highlight the Village’s current ordinance that regulates political signage along with current state and federal law as it relates to the regulation of political signs. Currently, Village ordinance regulates political signage as follows:

Political campaign signs announcing candidates seeking public office, or public or political issues contained in a ballot and any information pertinent thereto. No political campaign sign shall exceed twenty (20) square feet in surface area, or exceed four (4) feet in height. A political campaign sign displayed more than forty five (45) days prior to the election or more than seven (7) days subsequent to an election shall be considered a noncommercial street graphic provided in subsection A3 of this section and shall be subject to the number, surface area, permitting, and location limitation and requirements as provided for in such subsection.

A3. Noncommercial street graphics in residential zoning districts. Such street graphics are only permitted on private property in residential zoning districts with the principal structures may be placed only upon the approval of the property owner. Such street graphics shall not exceed six (6) square feet in surface area and shall not be in place less than five (5) feet from any privately owned property. Not more than one noncommercial street graphic shall be displayed for each individual zone lot.

In addition, all political signs should be kept out of public right of way and should not be placed in any manner that blocks visibility of traffic.

In addition, please find the general political sign regulations that are allowed by state law and federal case law. Based on Staff’s review of our current ordinance, it appears that our current ordinance is consistent with the following federal and state parameters:

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