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Village officials approve Economic Development Plan

In the Village’s continuing commitment to fiscal responsibility and maintaining a low municipal tax rate, Mayor Lawrence Hanson, and the Village Board approved the “Antioch Economic Development Plan” along with the creation of the “Economic Development Task Force” at the Village Board meeting of January 16th, 2017. The “Antioch Economic Development Plan” establishes a series of economic development priorities which includes recruiting new commercial development to Route 173, expansion of auto sales in Antioch, continuing with the expansion of the Antioch Business Park, and ongoing efforts revitalize the Village’s Downtown. Under the adopted plan, a new set of business friendly policies have been established which will build on the Village’s current business friendly environment. A new set of economic incentives have been adopted which will provide the Village with additional economic development tools to attract new commercial and industrial users to the Village.

Mayor Hanson proposed the creation of an “Economic Development Task Force” made up of eleven members from the business communities along with the School and Library Districts to assist Village Staff in the recruitment of new businesses and the retention of existing businesses. This task force is made up of some of the leading business people in the community and the task force will help in shaping new policies that will allow the Village to maintain its competitive edge in the region. One of the major goals of the task force will be visiting the Village’s current businesses and seeing how the Village can create an environment that entrepreneurs want to invest in to create and expand their business.

The Mayor and Board of Trustees recognize the importance of attracting new businesses to the community which will maintain the Village’s strong fiscal position and commitment to maintaining a low municipal tax rate.