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Parking Ticket Appeal Form

Parking Ticket Appeals
Completion of a Parking Ticket Appeal form will put the ticket(s) on hold until appeals are reviewed by City staff members. Parking Ticket Appeals are handled once per month. An appeal submitted through this form may take 30 days to be resolved.

The amount that is currently due on the ticket will not increase while waiting for an appeals decision. If the appeal is received within seven (7) days of the ticket, the original amount will remain the amount due. If the appeal is received after seven (7) days from the ticket issuance date, the violation fee plus the overdue amount will be the amount due.

Any questions regarding Parking tickets can be submitted through the Parking Ticket Inquiry form. Click here to access that form.

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When you submit information through this form, you will receive a Tracking Number. You can track the status of your request by entering your tracking number in the field provided on the "Services and Information Requests" page.

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