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Today is Friday, December 2, 2016.
DPW - Missed Pickup of Trash, Recycling, and/or Yard Waste

Purpose: Use this form to report a missed Trash, Recycling, and/or Yard Waste pickup within the City of Lowell.

NOTE: Curbside collection of Trash, Recycling, and/or Yard Waste for eligible City residents is collected on the same day, though seldom at the same time. If your pickup was missed, we will contact you and make every reasonable effort to schedule a pickup with our contractor on the following business day.

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Please tell us the collection location by entering the Address # and Street Name below; then click on 'Validate Address' to validate the address against our records.

If you are sure of the address, yet it can't be validated, please click on "Use the address I entered" in the pop-up box, which will transfer your entry to the "- Or Other Not Listed -" field below.

If you are reporting a non-specific area of the City, please indicate so in the 'Location Details' field below.

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Once you submit this form, you will receive a Tracking Number allowing you to check on and/or update your request at your convenience.

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The submission of this form and/or assignment of a Tracking Number, indicates your acceptance of these terms and the City of Lowell's Terms of Use, and may subject your submission to disclosure.

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