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Today is Saturday, October 25, 2014.

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Is it true that the Town has placed cameras around the lake... and what is the reason for this?
Yes. The Lake Operations Department has deployed some motion-activated cameras at a few points around the lake where we've had reports of no-wake violations. Boat operators that are pictured at wake-generating speed are sent a warning letter reminding them of the idle speed requirement in coves and within 75 feet of shore. The Marine Commission and Lake Advisory Board support this program as a means of improving the safety and enjoyment of the lake.

General Rumors

I heard the town is considering doing away with police coverage at night. Is that true?
We’re always looking at all of the services that we provide and exploring opportunities to reduce costs through the ideas and suggestions we receive from citizens and from elected officials. To reduce costs associated with the services provided, this usually requires reducing the level of service enough to be able to eliminate an entire job. Around town, it is often asserted that we could "save a lot of money if we didn’t have so many police officers." The service level that we provide is 2 officers on duty 24 hours each day. So, armed with a hypothesis that not much criminal activity occurs overnight, the Town Council has explored the cost savings - as well as the implications - of re-aligning police officer schedules to eliminate coverage/protection in the hours after midnight. Since the taxes we pay to the county help fund the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department, any 911 calls from Lake Lure during those hours would be dispatched to the nearest Sheriff’s Deputy. This would allow us to reduce our own police payroll. Based on the size of the town’s coverage area, the nearly $1 billion in property value protected, the likely 45-minute response time from a a Sheriff's deputy, the not-so- insignificant call volume during nighttime hours and the intent to keep Lake Lure safe with a high quality of life, the Town Council has affirmed our existing policing philosophy and coverage strategy of 2 officers on duty, 24 hours each day.

I've often heard that the town is trying to get rid of motorcycles
For every occasion that the Town hears this rumor or deals with this assertion, we receive the same amount of feedback asserting that the town can't or won't do anything about motorcycle noise. It’s ironic how many rumors are two sides of the same coin. The truth is usually found in the middle. The Town has strengthened its noise ordinance and enforcement, particularly targeting loud, illegal motorcycle mufflers. These represent a small percentage of all of our visiting motorcyclists and they spoil both the tranquility of the area and the reputation of the overall motorcycle community, that is indeed courteous and respectful of others. The Town welcomes motorcyclists as valued visitors, but our officers will strictly enforce as unwelcome the loud mufflers that disturb the peace. This is true of all other sources of excessive noise that interferes with the right of all citizens and all visitors to enjoy their surroundings, free of overly loud interference.

Is the Town going to annex the Grey Rock community?
Not unless it's requested. The Town's approach to annexation (extending Town Limits) is that it should be voluntary. The Grey Rock development has a Lake Lure adress, but is outside of town limits in Rutherford County (to the north of the Rumbling Bald Resort.) Between the Rumbling Bald Resort and Grey Rock is 200 acres of new town-owned property where the Buffalo Creeek Park is being created. This property is currently outside of Town limits and will likely be annexed at some point.


I heard there was the possibility of a new YMCA around the proposed Lake Lure Classical Academy site of their future school. When is Lake Lure Classical School starting construction?
In Lake Lure's land use plans, the area from Island Creek Road to Highway 9 near Ingles has been identified as a strategic community hub, intended to house the K-12 school campus, athletic fields and community recreation areas and a future new home for the library. It is our vision that an indoor recreation center will be established as well. The YMCA organization has explored the opportunity to build a facility at the corner of the intersection, but at this time they do not see enough year-round membership population to sustain it. However, they are very interested to see how we grow as a community. Our school is certainly growing, having doubled in size over the first two years. The school has hired a general contractor and is working to finalize designs, permits and financing for their first permanent building. Construction is targeted to start in late 2012.



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